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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

CD Projekt acquires the American studio The Molasses Flood

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CD Projekt announced the acquisition of the American studio The Molasses Flood. The company is known, inter alia, from the survival games “The Flame in the Flood” and “Drake Hollow”.

CD Projekt announced in a statement that the Boston studio founded in 2014 is run by veterans of the gaming industry working, among others with games like “Bioshock”, “Halo”, “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band”.

“The Molasses Flood crew is an ambitious and experienced team that focuses on quality and has technological know-how. I am convinced that they will bring a lot of talent, ambition and determination to the company” – said Adam KiciƄski, CEO of CD Projekt, quoted in the release. .

The American company is to work closely with CD Projekt RED, but will retain full autonomy. The studio will work on its own project based on one of IP CD Projekt. We will have more details in the future.

“Working with CD Projekt is an opportunity for us to reach players around the world and at the same time an opportunity to work with the studios and brands we love. We are very excited to continue our mission of creating games with CD Projekt,” said Forrest Dowling. Studio Head from The Molasses Flood.

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CD Projekt buys The Molasses Flood

CD Projekt has concluded an investment agreement for the purchase of 60 percent. The Molasses Flood. The acquisition will be made by a direct subsidiary of CD Projekt, i.e. CD Projekt Inc. based in the American Venice.

The concluded investment agreement contains the schedule of the transaction leading to the purchase of the remaining part of the studio and inclusion of its employees into the structures of the CD Projekt capital group. Harmonograam was not mentioned in the announcement, nor was the price of this transaction.

“Along with the completion of the negotiation process and the signing of the investment agreement, the company’s management board took steps to recapitalize CD Projekt Inc. in order to implement the first stage of the acquisition of The Molasses Flood,” CD Projekt said.

CD Projekt informed recently about postponing the premiere of “Cyberpunk 2077” and “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” to new consoles to 2022.

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