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Census. Warning against scammers

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The criminals used the census for fraud, informs Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. Cases of data fraud were recorded by the Central Statistical Office and the police. Thanks to the information obtained in this way, the fraudsters can take out loans or steal money from the account.

– There were cases when I called a given person in order to write it down, and this person informed me that she had already spoken to an enumerator and had given information in the National Census. There were many such situations. When I indicated that the respondent was listed in the database as an unwritten person, he agreed to the census. Sometimes it turned out that, for example, the questions sound different – informs the enumerator in an interview with “DGP”.

Census. Fraudsters tried to extort data

According to the newspaper, false counters asked about earnings, property, ID card data, bank account data, and this information was not collected by the census takers during the NSP. “Some respondents remained vigilant, interrupted such conversations and asked for the data of the person who claims to be an enumerator – then the false interviewer dissolved into thin air,” we read.

According to the journal, some people may have fallen victim to fraud. “How many? There are no such statistics. The Police Headquarters admits that it records cases of fraud on the NSP, but it is difficult to find an exact number, because it does not keep a separate statistics. writes “DGP”.

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The journal indicates that the Central Statistical Office also records signals that unauthorized persons pretend to be interviewers for the purpose of extorting data. – Unfortunately, during the census, we received information about attempts to impersonate enumerators – by phone or during direct interviews – Karolina Banaszek, the CSO spokesman, tells “DGP”.


Criminals looked for various methods

“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” reports that the fraudsters looked for various methods of phishing information. “False enumerators not only called, but also tried to get into the houses. For example, a woman called a woman from Włocławek via the intercom, saying that she was an employee of the census office and came to fill in the form. The man, without giving the woman his details, made an appointment with her on meeting on a different date, however, it raised doubts as to whether she was in fact an enumerator. The case was brought to the police, which initiated proceedings to establish the identity of this person. At the end of the NSP, there was a problem with calling the census hotline “- we read.

“The accountants began to publish their individual telephone numbers on the Internet to facilitate the census for people who had not yet fulfilled this obligation. Direct contact allowed for faster completion of the census form, as there was no need to wait in line for the hotline or for a response from the census taker. However, it was a very risky practice, for which the Central Statistical Office was not allowed, thus unauthorized persons could easily impersonate enumerators to extort data from respondents “- adds the daily.

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