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CEPIK. Fighting dead souls. Great cleaning of the central vehicle register. New recipes

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The so-called dead souls are to be removed from the central register of vehicles (CEP) – unregistered cars that have not had valid technical inspections for a long time and do not have liability insurance. Deputy Minister of Digitization Paweł Lewandowski explained on what terms the vehicle registration will be expired.

MP Marek Rząsa (Civic Coalition) on May 23 sent an interpellation in which he asked, among others, Is the Ministry of Digitization planning to solve the problem of the so-called dead vehicles?

In the reply of July 4, Deputy Minister of Digitization Paweł Lewandowski replied that “the Act of May 26, 2023 amending certain acts in order to limit certain effects of identity theft, there are provisions ordering the legal status of vehicles, which are suspected to be actually no longer exist and are no longer on the road, but there is no legal basis that would allow their last owners to deregister.

The fight against “dead souls” – rules

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“It is expected that decisions on the registration of vehicles issued before March 14, 2005, for which the owners, despite the obligation imposed on them, did not carry out technical inspections or did not insure vehicle owners under third party liability insurance for at least 10 years” – explained Lewandowski.

He indicated that “registration termination will take place automatically in the ICT system that supports the central vehicle register”, and “based on the data obtained from the central vehicle register, local governments will notify about the expiry of the registration, including by way of a public announcement – which will significantly reduce the need to involve local governments in these activities as well as citizens, simplifying the whole procedure as much as possible.

He added that “vehicles for which the registration decision has expired in the above manner will be freely re-registered.”

According to the deputy minister, “the amendment brings benefits both to citizens who will not be ‘pursued’ for the lack of liability insurance for a vehicle they do not actually have, and at the same time the data collected in the system will reflect the actual number of vehicles”.

Formerly the Minister of Digitization Janusz Cieszyński explained in the context of the act that “we have 99,580 Wartburgs in CEP, of which 93,198 have not been tested, OC invalid for 10 years and were registered before March 14, 2005”. The number of “dead souls” in the Central Register of Vehicles, covering over 26 million cars, is estimated at even several million.

Act on the president’s desk

Act of 26 May 2023 amending certain acts in order to limit certain effects of identity theft passed in the Senate on Fridaywhich accepted the Senate’s amendments.

In the same regulation, it was proposed driver changes. For example, a fixed amount of the fine for failure to register the vehicle and notification of the sale of the vehicle was defined, and the obligation to affix stickers to the vehicle’s windscreen entitling to enter the clean transport zone was abolished.

The bill will now go to the president’s signature Andrzej Duda.

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