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Cezary Łazarewicz absent from the red carpet in Venice. Leszek Bodzak on the comments of Marcin Meller and Zygmunt Miłoszewski

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“Let there be no traces” – Jan P. Matuszyński’s film had its world premiere on Thursday at the 78th Venice International Film Festival. On Friday, Marcin Meller commented on the absence of Cezary Łazarewicz – the author of the literary prototype of the script – on the red, writing “arrogant pitchers” about the producers. Hours later, the reporter himself responded, explaining that he did not feel left out. During the night, Leszek Bodzak, the producer of the film, replied in an extensive statement.

“Let there be no traces” Jan P. Matuszyński on Thursday had its ceremonial world premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where it is one of the 21 titles of the Main Competition. Traditionally – as it happens at this type of festival – the filmmakers and cast members gathered on the red carpet before the screening.

Apart from Jan P. Matuszyński and his wife, there were producers Aneta Hickinbotham and Leszek Bodzak, cast members: Sandra Korzeniak, Tomasz Ziętek, Agnieszka Grochowska, Tomasz Kot, Jacek Braciak, Robert Więckiewicz, Mateusz Górski, screenwriter Kaja Krawczyk-Wnuk and designer Tomasz Ossoliński.

Marcin Meller on the absence of Cezary Łazarewicz on the red carpet

One of the joint photos from the red carpet was commented by journalist and author of books Marcin Meller. “Who is missing in this photo? You may be surprised, but the man without whom this film would not exist: Cezary Łazarewicz, who wrote a shocking, sensational journalistic book “Lest there be traces”, on the basis of which the film was made “- noted the host of TVN24’s” Second Breakfast of Champions “. He attached a screenshot with a photo to his Facebook post, marking one of the characters posing for photographers.

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“In the circle is the fashion designer Ossoliński, for whom there is a place on the carpet, but not for Łazarewicz. Probably Ossoliński made them dresses (but not for Łazarewicz, who borrowed a suit from a friend). Łazarewicz only wrote a book thanks to which they are proud today. They remembered to invite him to Venice at all. But not on the red carpet. Listen to the arrogant pitchers! If it were not for Cezary’s passion, if it were not for his sensitivity and search for truth, years of work, if not for his brilliant book, you would be there there was no “- he said.

IN The postscript Meller noted that “he has nothing to do with Tomasz Ossoliński”. “Cool guy, from what I remember” – he added. “The photo is simply (through no fault of his own) evidence of the pathology of the production system, and I refer the term ‘arrogant jugs’ to producer Bodzak and his helpers,” wrote Meller.

In the press materials of Matuszyński’s film, we find references that the script was based on a book by Cezary Łazarewicz. This is the case of the poster, where the small print Łazarewicz is mentioned next to the author of the script – Kai Krawczyk-Wnuk.

In the trailer there are two boards with the words: “BASED ON REAL EVENTS AND REPORTAGE AWARDED BY NIKE” and “BASED ON THE BOOK OF CEZAR ŁAZAREWICZ”. Matuszyński referred to the book many times during the Thursday press conference in Venice, as well as in an interview from tvn24.pl in July this year.

In every press release we receive in connection with the events surrounding the film, the following sentence appears: “The feature film ‘To Let There Be Traces’ is based on the themes contained in the best-selling report by Cezary Łazarewicz, ‘Let there be no traces’, awarded with the NIKE Literary Award. Leaving ‘”.

“Let there be no traces” by Jan P. Matuszyński – main trailerCinema World

Creators of “Lest There Be Traces” in VeniceMarc Piasecki / Stringer / Getty Images Europe

Lazarewicz himself said in a telephone conversation that he did not want to comment on the matter. Finally, he posted a message on Facebook saying that in Venice he stood at the place designated by the organizers.

“I do not feel left out. ‘So that there are no traces’ I saw in Venice and I am glad that Jan P. Matuszyński made a beautiful film based on my book (the script was written by Kaja Krawczyk-Wnuk). premiere and I assure you that he would go to the end of the world to see it, because it’s worth it. I support Janek and keep my fingers crossed for his successes. For the film, this story will go to the people and move people. This is the most important thing now, wrote Łazarewicz.

Miłoszewski: dear friends from the world of film – really?

The topic raised by Meller was also commented on by Zygmunt Miłoszewski, a writer whose books were the prototypes for film and television productions several times. “Czarek’s book ‘Let there be no traces’ about the murder of Grzegorz Przemyk is masterful. Even I say it, and I am #teamfication, nonfiction does not come to me. It grabs the throat not so much for a murder as for showing how you can harness the entire state machine to a lie . Valid now and always and forever and ever amen “- wrote Miłoszewski on Friday.

Miłoszewski continued: “Czarek made a great story about the essence of a broken, unpunished state. That’s why he got Nike – as the first reportage in the history of the award. That’s why my good friends from Aurum bought the film rights. And Jan Matuszyński made a film that had its premiere today at festival in Venice. Standing applauded. Great, right? Guess who is not on the red carpet. Who does not attend conferences. Who does not pose with the crew. understanding it – it would not be a celebration of Polish culture. “

The writer explained that he spoke because “Czarka knows and likes and admires” and “as a literary activist feels responsible to fight for not ignoring those who have created, invented and described various stories”. “It is common, and my brother, Szczepan Twardoch and Jakub Żulczyk have similar stories to tell,” said Miłoszewski.

“Dear friends from the movie world – really? Since our ideas make you shine and pay your bills, take care of us a little, maybe then we will come up with more ideas that will allow you to shine and pay more bills. I am currently negotiating two contracts for screening. Seriously, I intend to include in them notes that I have to take place on every red carpet, a tailored tuxedo and a room for me and my wife with a view of some pearl of architecture “- summed up the author of, among others,” Ziarna prawdy “, who collaborated on the screen adaptation of this title with Borys Lankosz. Writer in the postscript He noted that everything he wrote did not apply to Lankosz, “who is a great guy”.

Jakub Żulczyk: I met more respect in the world of film than in the world of literature

Jakub Żulczyk, called by Miłoszewski, also spoke in the case. The author of, inter alia, “Blindness of the lights” noted in a comment that his experiences did not apply to the producers with whom he worked. “I have no harsh words to my friends from the world of film. Generally, in the world of film, I have much more sympathy, support and respect for my work than in the world of literature, where only (which is of course the most important) readers show me this sympathy, support and respect” he explained.

“My story and at the same time my regret concerns specific people, i.e. the organizers of the Orły gala, i.e. an award that I supposedly received twice as a series writer (the Eagle for the Series of the Year was won by both” Belfer “and” Ślepnąc … “), and not really once. So I was omitted (I emphasize once again – by the organizers of the gala) not even as the author of the literary prototype, but as a crew member, a filmmaker mentioned in the credits, who did real work on both projects at every stage of development “- he said Żulczyk.

The reaction of Leszek Bodzak – the producer of the film

On Friday, we tried to get a comment from the producers of the film: Leszek Bodzak and Aneta Hickinbotham. We also contacted the company Aurum Film and the Polish distributor of Kino Świat. In a telephone conversation we heard from the producer that “if Meller called him to the board, he will answer, but after returning to Poland”. During the night, however, he published an extensive statement in which he refers to the journalist’s words.

Bodzak pointed out that Meller and Miłoszewski “stood up bravely in defense of a friend, or even a friend”. “As it turns out, none of them really checked whether this colleague is aggrieved and needs this help.” He noted that Lazarewicz “was at the premiere in Venice as one of the full-fledged members of the team”.

The producer then quoted “some simple information about the specifics of a festival like this in Venice”. “Only 3 (WORDS: THREE) people from our film crew: the director and two actors received a direct invitation from the organizers of the festival in Venice. The producer has ZERO influence on this” – we read in the statement. Bodzak also explained that the greatest possible number of invitations for the delegation was obtained thanks to the work of Anna Kot – PR, the film manager and the foreign sales agent for New Europe Film Sales. A large delegation – as Bodzak writes – could fly to Venice thanks to the financial support of the Polish Film Institute or the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

“We are glad that, as producers together with the screenwriter, Kaja Krawczyk-Wnuk, we could at least sit in the audience during the press conference – that’s all we were allowed in this regard. Of course, the press conference also had its limit of participants – the same photo call after it , where only the director, actors, producers and screenwriter were allowed by the festival “- explained the producer.

“During the red carpet walk, the crew is lined up for photos by photojournalists in the configurations they see fit. We had our own photographer who tried to take photos of us separately in different subgroups as much as possible. Maybe we’ll publish some. But yes, on one or two. Tomasz Ossoliński joined the team from the photos! Why is this a crime of “arrogant pitchers”, if festivals are also glamor, a riot of colors, unforgettable costumes? This is the world “- he noted.

Then Bodzak referred to a post published by screenwriter Andrzej Saramanowicz, who wrote: “In the matter of g ** noburzy with the red carpet in Venice, and those who are to walk on it and who not, I would shyly remind all quarrels that the real author the history of Grzegorz Przemyk is neither Janek Matuszewski nor Czarek Łazarewicz, but Czesław Kiszczak, and of the living it is Jerzy Urban “

“But without diminishing the merits of a great reporter, has Mr. Meller seen the film? Does he know how many people worked on it? Is he aware of how offensive people such as the director, screenwriter (who made the extremely difficult art of adapting reportage!), Actors, cinematographer, set designer, costume designer, makeup artist, editor, production manager and many other creators of this film who worked on it for over 1.5 years, often several hours a day “- asked Bodzak.

“For my part, I would like to thank all the wonderful writers for their cooperation so far. Of course, Czarek Łazarewicz for the fact that he trusted us in adapting his book. , many media representatives lived it all day. I admit, however, that there were also those who could call or write and ask what I thought about it. Big regards also to Magdalena Lankosz and Borys Lankosz. I promised that I would answer everything only once, but at night after returning from Venice, and that’s what happened. This is my answer. There will be no other one, because in the further polemics on the level of ‘I know mine anyway, and I don’t believe it’, dear Zygmunt Miłoszewski, for sure I will not go in. So much for me “- summed up Bodzak.

Author:Tomasz-Marcin Wrona

Main photo source: Marc Piasecki / Stringer / Getty Images Europe

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