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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Change of the economic system of Poland. Witold Orłowski and Piotr Ikonowicz comment in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24

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We do not know what change in the political system is meant by PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. If Hungary is the model, then in the economic sphere Hungary is defined as a party-oligarchic system, stated in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 prof. Witold Orłowski, Vistula Academy, Warsaw University of Technology. In turn, Piotr Ikonowicz from the Social Justice Movement said that he would “be glad if this system was changed to be more pro-social and less mercantile.”

On Saturday in Janów Lubelski PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski spokethat “in 2015, the change of the Polish system began, especially socio-economic, but also political.”

Economic system in Poland

– I would be glad if this system was changed to a more pro-social and less mercantile one. That the right of ownership is not the only right that is respected, and other rights are subject to it. At the same time, if employment relations in state-owned companies were better than in the private sector, and they are not, stressed Ikonowicz.

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According to him, “the state, i.e. state-owned companies, are practically the worst employer.” – Finally, we still have this tendency, moreover, since the beginning of the transformation, that labor divisions in labor courts are liquidated. This means that the labor court is getting further and further and the deadline is set longer and longer. Which means that the rights enshrined in the Labor Code become illusory. I think that this government, like most of the previous ones, is anti-worker, because we have forgotten that everything around us is created by people, it is the result of work. Capital produces nothing, he said.

He also added: – A scandalous proposal that gives the lie to this claim about the pro-social nature of the rule of Law and Justice is the idea of ​​paying for sanatoriums. Thanks to staying in sanatoriums, which were reimbursed by the state, manual laborers were able to work longer.

Hungarian party-oligarchic system

– We do not know what system President Kaczyński has in mind. If they are a model Hungary, then Hungary is described in the economic sphere as a party-oligarchic system. Not oligarchs like the Russian ones – privately connected, but literally connected with the ruling party. That’s more or less what it looks like – Orłowski said.

He also stated that he did not know whether we already had such a system in Poland. – It seems to be moving in that direction. This Orban system is quite clumsy and it is a system that has never worked and will not work in the long run.

– We also have something in Poland that I call political capitalism. This is especially evident in local government. If a party wins somewhere, it fires everyone, including the school janitor. And it hasn’t changed (since communism – ed.). We still have serious changes ahead of us – noted Ikonowicz.

Orłowski said that “some are afraid that we are incurring huge debts of various kinds, that the Polish state is losing and will lose gigantic money, for which we will pay in the future.” – No matter what the system is, debts in one form or another will remain on our heads. The simplest example: pension paid increased, but without guaranteed financing – he explained.

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