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Change to summer time. We changed the clocks last night

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On the night from Saturday to Sunday, March 25/26, the time change from winter to summer time took place. The clock hands had to be moved forward one hour. Daylight Saving Time will be in effect until the end of October.

Throughout the European Union, winter time is returned to the last Sunday in October, and summer time is transferred to the last Sunday in March. This is stated in the indefinitely binding EU Directive of 2001.

In Poland, time change is regulated by the regulation of the Prime Minister. Due to the change to summer time, clock hands at 2.00 had to be moved to 3.00.

In Poland, time change was introduced for the first time in the interwar period, then in 1946-1949 and 1957-1964. It has been in force continuously since 1977. Until 1995, the transition from summer to winter time took place a month earlier – on the last Sunday in September. The transition from winter to summer was – as it is now – on the last Sunday of March.

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The idea of ​​eliminating the time change

In the European Union, there was an idea to abandon time changes. After the resolution of the European Parliament of February 8, 2018, she took up the matter European Commission. The EC conducted public consultations in the Member States, according to which nearly 90% of of voters declared their willingness to move away from time changes.

In March 2019 European parliament in Strasbourg, he was in favor of regulations that were supposed to abolish time change in the European Union, i.e. changing clocks in spring and autumn. The draft amendment to the directive stipulated that the last time change in the EU would take place in 2021. Member States were to retain the right to decide what time would apply to them. Ultimately, the time change was not eliminated.

The distinction between winter and summer time is used in nearly 70 countries around the world.

According to some experts, time changes can be harmful to health. According to the announcement of the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, the transition from winter to summer time is particularly harmful. According to experts, it takes about three days to adjust to the time change.

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