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Changeable weather in Poland in March. Possible frosts. What does this mean for plants

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March weather in Poland goes to extremes – sometimes it’s 20 degrees Celsius, other times frost. Experts remind that frosts can be expected even in May, in the vicinity of the so-called cold gardeners and cold Zośka. What does such variability of the aura mean for us and for plants? About it in the material of “Poland and the World”.

– It’s warm, it’s slowly getting warm, you can walk with short sleeves – one of the residents was happy on Friday Krakow in an interview with a TVN24 reporter.

Cold March? Not necessarily

For people who have so far complained about the cold, spring-less March, the words of an expert may come as a surprise.

– This seemingly cool March is the time when two high temperature records appeared. On March 14 and March 24, the highest temperatures were recorded in Poland since 1951, said Professor Bogdan Chojnicki, a climatologist from the Poznań University of Life Sciences. However, forecasters warn that the cold is comingas well as dynamic weather with storms. Such a return of a relatively light “winter” is announced in the next week.

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The expected snow and sleet may make life difficult for drivers who have already switched to summer tyres. Caution is advised.

Frosts will appear

Morning frosts (illustration photo)Shutterstock

Frost possible even in May

Vegetation, especially in the south of the country, came to life. Cooling down can be deadly to buds and sprouts. – A worse situation is frost, which is still a natural thing – recalled Dr. Joanna Remiszewska-Michalak, an atmospheric physicist. Frosts can occur – she emphasized – even at the beginning of May, in the vicinity of the so-called cold Zośka (cold gardeners and cold Zośka is a climatic phenomenon that falls every year in May. It is associated with the influx of cool air from the north after a long period of high temperature ).

– You have to take into account that where it has already bloomed, where flowering has already appeared, a strong gust of cold may cause losses – warned Professor Chojnicki.

Snow is falling on cherry blossoms (illustration photo)PAP/EPA/SARAH YENESEL

Author:Maciej Zalewski, n

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/SARAH YENESEL

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