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Changes in public media. “Stop TVP Info – mission completed successfully”

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Before noon, the TVP Info channel stopped working. Regional television stations also stopped broadcasting the signals. Earlier, Minister of Culture Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz dismissed the presidents of public media authorities and PAP. Politicians comment on the situation. “The end of TVPiS. TVP Info turned off” – informed the Civic Platform. “Stop TVP Info – mission accomplished. The end of the party’s exploitation of taxpayers’ money. It’s time for honest, reliable, decent and truly public television,” commented Rafał Trzaskowski on the X platform (formerly Twitter). PiS politicians also comment on the situation.

After 11 a.m. the TVP Info channel stopped working, instead there is a TVP 1 signal. Regional television also does not broadcast, we can watch TVP2 on these channels. The portal belonging to the news channel is also not working. When we try to enter the portal’s website, we are either redirected to the TVP home page or we receive a message that the website is unavailable.

The Minister of Culture dismissed the authorities of the public media and PAP. There are the first political comments

The Ministry of Culture announced in a statement on Wednesday that the Minister of Culture and National Heritage BArtłomiej Sienkiewicz “as the body exercising the ownership rights of the State Treasury, which holds 100 percent of shares in companies, acting on the basis of the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code, dismissed on December 19, 2023 the current presidents of the Management Boards of Telewizja Polska SA, Polish Radio SA and Polish Press Agency SA and the Supervisory Board.”

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Politicians comment on changes in the functioning of public media.

“The end of TVPiS. TVP Info turned off” – read the Civic Platform’s entry on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

“PiS politicians are fulfilling subsequent points of Minister Sienkiewicz’s plan with admirable zeal. It’s nice,” wrote the Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

“Step by step, step by step, the most beautiful of the whole year, Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming… The trio used to have such a beautiful song every year,” wrote Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, deputy minister of culture.

Trzaskowski: mission completed successfully

“Stop TVP Info – mission accomplished. End of party exploitation of taxpayers’ money. Time for honest, reliable, decent and truly public television,” he commented. Rafał Trzaskowski.

“The TVP management board has been dismissed. And it’s only Wednesday 11:13. We wish you a good day,” wrote Katarzyna Kotula, Minister of Equality.

“TVP Info has been turned off. We are restoring Poles to their media. Immediately,” Aleksandra Gajewska informed.

Morawiecki: illegal actions

Law and Justice politicians also commented on the situation. On the official account PIS an entry about the situation in public media appeared on the X platform (formerly Twitter). “The TVP Info signal was turned off, Platform officers illegally entered the headquarters of Public Television, Polish Radio and the Polish Press Agency. This is a violation of any rules. A violation of the law – said PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek.”

“The illegal actions of the Minister of Culture in relation to TVP, Polish Radio and PAP show how the authorities, which supposedly care about the rule of law, violate it at every step. And they are in power for only a week… We will not give up. We will not allow the construction of a dictatorship in Poland,” he wrote on website X former prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Illegal dismissal of the public media authorities – television, radio, Polish Press Agency (…) but you will no longer be able to find out about it, because the broadcasting of the TVP info channel and the portal has just been illegally disabled. The new government starts its rule with extreme censorship and authoritarian actions . Is anyone surprised? Donald Tusk is back in all his glory! – we read in Piotr Mueller’s entry.

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