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Changes in road transport 2021 – the government has adopted a project for online training of professional drivers

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Online training for professional drivers and new documents in the form of a driver qualification card – these are some of the changes that were included in the draft amendment to the road transport act adopted by the Council of Ministers – was provided by the Government Information Center.

According to CIR, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft act amending the act on road transport and some other acts, submitted by the minister of infrastructure.

The government has adopted a draft of changes in driver training

“The project adjusts Polish law to the solutions in force in the European Union. It is about, among others, enabling training for professional drivers in the form of e-learning and issuing a new document in the form of a driver qualification card” – we read.

In addition, changes were made to, inter alia, training of drivers intending or performing road transport, supervision of training centers and procedures for obtaining a driving license and suspending driving licenses

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According to the draft adopted by the government, professional drivers will have the opportunity to undergo qualification courses and periodic training with the use of computer techniques and the Internet (e-learning).

“In order to limit possible irregularities in the training, the online form can be used only after obtaining the consent of the voivode issued at the request of the entrepreneur. The consent will be granted to a training center that has been operating for a long time and meets additional requirements regarding its infrastructure and lecturers” – it was written.

As it was added, this serves to enable the use of e-learning only by proven training centers, which, through continuous operation of several years, will guarantee that on-line training will be conducted in a reliable and legal manner.

Additionally, these centers will have to conduct classes not covered by e-learning using the traditional method.

Changes in road transport – a draft adopted by the Council of Ministers

Other solutions are aimed at, inter alia, increasing the efficiency of training of drivers intending or performing road transport. In particular, it is about limiting or minimizing the fictitious presence of drivers in the training documentation.

“A person who has a professional driver profile will be able to take the qualification course and periodic training. It will be issued by the starost or mayor of the city with poviat status. After the qualification course and training are completed, the head of the training center will properly complete the driver candidate profile. There will also be changes. in reporting on started and conducted courses and training “- we read.

A new document will be established – it will be a driver qualification card confirming the authorization to work as a driver. This solution will apply to those drivers who cannot be issued a driving license due to failure to meet the condition of residence in the territory of Poland.

The draft also introduces the possibility of withdrawing a professional qualification certificate. As explained by CIR, it will take place after the voivode decides that the certificate has been issued contrary to the facts. The scope of data collected in the central register of drivers was also extended to include professional qualification certificates that have been withdrawn.

In addition, the rules for conducting the placement test have been simplified and enhanced – incl. the performance of qualification tests was transferred from voivodes to voivodeship road traffic centers.

Facilities for drivers

The project also facilitates road transport for some drivers. The point is to relieve them from the need to undergo excessive medical and psychological examinations.

As reported by CIR, the new solutions are to enter into force 30 days after their publication in the Journal of Laws, with the exception of some provisions that will come into force on other dates.

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