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Changes in taxes from July 1, 2023 – lump sum on rent, child allowance, rehabilitation allowance, inheritance and donation tax

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On July 1, some PIT regulations change. This includes, inter alia, a child allowance, a lump sum on private rental income or a rehabilitation allowance. Importantly, they will already apply to the settlement for the current year. Here’s everything you need to know about tax changes.

The novelties are related to the entry into force of the amendment to the Act on tax on goods and services and some other acts, the task of which is to simplify the settlement of tax on goods and services, i.e. the so-called slim VAT package 3.

Rehabilitation relief – changes from July 1, 2023

As it is written on the tax office’s website, thanks to the amendment, “the catalog of people with disabilities is extended, which allows the taxpayer to deduct expenses incurred for a close person as part of the rehabilitation relief”.

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“Thanks to this change, the taxpayer will be able to take advantage of the relief if a disabled grandson, granddaughter, grandmother or grandfather is dependent on him. This solution will apply to the settlement for the current year” – it was announced.

Relief for children

The tax office also informed that from July 1, the income limit for parents raising one disabled child will be abolished.

“In this way, we will be able to take advantage of discounts for children those taxpayers who so far, due to exceeding the income limits, could not use this relief” – the tax office said and added that “this solution will also apply to the settlement for the current year”.

Lump sum on private rental income

“In order to meet the expectations of taxpayers, we are changing the rules of lump-sum taxation on registered income of income earned by spouses from the so-called private rental” – it was written on the government’s website.

It was added that after the change from July 1, “spouses will apply a higher flat rate of 12.5 percent of income only after exceeding the limit of PLN 200,000 (currently the limit is PLN 100,000), regardless of whether they settle these incomes separately or decide to tax them in their entirety by one of them” and “thanks to this, the spouses will pay a lower lump sum”.

Just like the previous ones, this change will apply to the settlement for the current year.

Settlement of income from business activity

“We make it possible to make the Your e-PIT service available also to settle income from business. We are clarifying the provisions on withholding tax.

He added that “changes implementing the tax solutions of the SRRK (Capital Market Development Strategy – ed.) are being introduced, including those that allow offsetting income and losses from investments in capital funds with income and losses from other capital investments”, and in addition, “the applicable rules for taxing interest on bonds are changing in a way that will ensure an analogous level of taxation regardless of whether the investor purchases bonds on primary market or secondary.”

Inheritance and gift tax

According to the Treasury, they are also increased tax-free amounts from inheritances and donations and “from July 1, 2023, the following amounts will be tax-free up to the value of assets:

– PLN 36,120 – if the buyer is a person included in the first tax group; – PLN 27,090 – if the buyer is a person classified in the second tax group; – PLN 5,733 – if the buyer is a person classified in the third tax group.

“The amounts are much higher in the immediate and extended family circle, and only slightly higher in the case of strangers – due to the risk of tax fraud and tax avoidance, both in inheritance tax and donations, as well as personal income tax (extending the shadow economy in the economy, e.g. by referring to fictitious donations)” – explained the tax office.

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