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Changes in the judiciary. President Andrzej Duda on the Constitutional Tribunal: let him argue and get to work

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Let the Constitutional Tribunal “argue”, if it is internally quarreling, and get to work, take care of what belongs to it – said President Andrzej Duda, when asked in an interview with TVN24 about the conflict in the Constitutional Tribunal in the context of the request submitted by the head of state in on the amendment of the act on changes in the judiciary. – Each constitutional body of the state, and the Constitutional Tribunal is such a body, has its own responsibility for state matters – the president added.

President Andrzej Duda filed an application to the Constitutional Tribunal on Tuesday on the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court and other laws – informed the Minister of the KPRP Małgorzata Paprocka. The recently passed amendment is intended to fulfill a “milestone” regarding the judiciary related to the National Reconstruction Plan.

President Duda: You have to be responsible

In an interview with TVN24, President Andrzej Duda, when asked about his decision on the amendment, stated that “you have to be a responsible president.” – When someone decides to run for the presidency, one of the basic conditions is that they are not afraid to make decisions even when they are difficult decisions – he said.

President Duda: First of all, you have to be a responsible president

President Duda: First of all, you have to be a responsible president TVN24

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The president indicated that he wanted to obtain funds from the National Reconstruction Plan. – I started my work on this issue and my actions in February last year, when I thought it was a good time to do it. European Union authorities, European Commission she was scared of what might happen to her Ukraine. (…) I submitted my project, which was absolutely (…) a project that resolved disputes – he said. – I am absolutely convinced that all its provisions were in line with the Polish constitution – he added.

– Unfortunately, as the situation cleared up and the bill lay in the Sejm, because it was not voted on, time passed and amendments were made to it. This created the perfect conditions to say that this is a project that has been changed, although in my opinion the changes were not huge – he continued.

Duda: let the Tribunal argue and get to work

To the fact that there were disputes about his project within the ruling United Right, Duda replied: “Please ask them why the Pole was not wise then, before the damage.” – Later, when they started negotiations with Brussels, (…) it turned out that Brussels sets such hard conditions, its position is so hard that they decided to accept what was offered to them at that time – he explained.

– But I look at it coldly and I have to look at it from the constitutional side, because these are my duties. And in a situation where a whole range of different entities, including representatives of the opposition, claim that the law adopted in the Sejm is unconstitutional, and I have huge doubts about some of its provisions, I cannot sign such a law – he explained.

The President, when asked in this context about conflict in the Constitutional Courtdeclared that “every constitutional body of the state, and such a body is Constitutional Courthas its own responsibility for state affairs and has its own range of tasks, and it should carry out these tasks. – So let the Tribunal “argue”, if it is internally quarreling and will get to work, take care of what it is supposed to do – he added.

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