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Changes in the PiS government and electoral staff. Kaczynski as deputy prime minister. Comments of politicians and experts

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Law and Justice is looking for a way to reverse the negative trend – this may result in changes in the government and the electoral staff. Polls show that if Jarosław Kaczyński’s party maintains its current course, it will lose power. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Reshuffles in the government, conferences and meetings with residents – the campaign has not officially started, but it is hard to say that this is not a fight for votes, especially those undecided.

CBOS asked Poles who they would vote for – 17 percent of respondents answered: “it’s hard to say”.

All political parties have only a few dozen percent confidence vote from supporters. In the case of Law and Justice, in February more than every other voter of the party was convinced that they would vote for this party – now it is 39 percent of the electorate of PiS and its coalition partners. That’s a drop of 13 points.

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– The fact that for the first time in years Poles as a society did not become richer, and many groups even became poorer, is reflected in the departure of less determined voters from PiS – explains political scientist Dr. hab. Rafal Chwedoruk.

PiS president Jaroslaw KaczynskiMarcin Obara/PAP/EPA

Here he draws attention to the group of people who voted for Law and Justice tempted by the program 500 pluslower retirement age or increases in pensions and minimum wage. – PiS has won many supporters who are very difficult to attract to the polls and they are the first to leave it – explains Chwedoruk.

PiS has fewer and fewer votes. – We are happy with every swallow that shows that the PiS electorate also doubts their honesty – says Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from the Civic Coalition.

– The PiS electorate sees what is happening in Poland. He sees that there is chaos, that there is no order. He sees what has happened to the government today – indicates the deputy marshal of the Sejm Vladimir Czarzasty.

Senator of Law and Justice Marek Pęk admits that “politics is a very dynamic reality”. – So decisions are made depending on the circumstances. The most important thing today is the upcoming elections.

Brudziński is to save the PiS campaign

The president is now to lead PiS to victory Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who became deputy prime minister in place of the previous four deputy prime ministers, but this is not the only change, because PiS MEP Tomasz Poręba said goodbye to the position of head of the PiS campaign. – He resigns because the PiS campaign was useless. I mean, it was expressionless or chaotic at times, says political scientist Dr. Tomasz Słupik.

The campaign is to be saved by Joachim Brudziński. It is supposed to lead PiS to a third successive victory. The MEP became famous when the e-mail that was supposed to go to his inbox was revealed. The content showed that Brudziński was to submit proposals for employment in state-owned companies to members of his family. The MEP assured that he did not deal with job placement.

Joachim BrudzinskiMarcin Bielecki/PAP

– If politicians spared in recent years, protected from participation in current conflicts, return to leading roles, it means that PiS has hit the wall – says Chwedoruk.

PiS sees it completely differently. – The formula of the staff, which has been implemented for several days, is a formula extended also to our coalition partners – convinces PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek. – Therefore, as a camp of the United Right, we will work in such an extended formula – he adds.

– Law and Justice may lose power for the first time in years – emphasizes Chwedoruk. He can also maintain it, hence the changes, perhaps not the last one, because this is not even the beginning of the campaign.

Author:Lukasz Wieczorek, asty//now

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP/EPA

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