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Changes in the Supreme Court. The president referred the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal. Dera: the application will be submitted to the Constitutional Tribunal next week

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Next week, Andrzej Duda’s application to examine the changes in the Supreme Court will go to the Constitutional Tribunal, Presidential Minister Andrzej Dera announced on TVN24. He specified that there were two possible dates – Monday or Thursday. The president’s decision in the context of the still unpaid EU money for Poland under the National Reconstruction Plan was discussed by the guests of Sunday’s “Coffee on the Bench”.

The amendment to the law on the Supreme Court and other laws, which caused a conflict in the ruling camp, was supposed to bring Poland closer to the fulfillment of the so-called milestones and the payment of EU funds under the National Reconstruction Plan. The president announced his decision last week. He announced that he would not sign the bill and would submit it to the Constitutional Tribunal for examination of its compliance with the constitution. Although the president appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal to “immediately deal with the case”, his formal request has still not been received there. On Saturday Andrzej Duda He said he would submit it “in the coming days.” More details about the date were revealed on Sunday in “Kawa na Ława” on TVN24 by Presidential Minister Andrzej Dera.

Dera: We will send the application to the Constitutional Tribunal next week

– This is not a bakery, these are not rolls, but an application to the Tribunal – explained Andrzej Dera. – The Tribunal is bound by the content, this content must be properly prepared. The application is already written, at the moment the president is getting acquainted with this application after returning from the diplomatic offensive. At the beginning of next week, it is expected that (the document) will be referred to the Constitutional Tribunal, he said.

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– To be precise, it’s next week. There are two possible dates, either Monday or Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday we have in Poland president of the United States (Joe Biden), and it’s hard to imagine that the president would be busy with (anything else) these days, argued Dera.

The politicians present in the TVN24 studio then commented on the matter.

Semeniuk-Patkowska: KPO is only a component

Olga Semeniuk-Patkowska from PiS, deputy minister of development and technology, when asked about the KPO funds, argued that it was “only a component” of EU funds that Poland receives. – Please remember that even more money comes from structural funds, which are already flowing to some voivodeships. (…) In the long term, the European budget is not only KPO. These are not the only measures, she repeated.

When asked if this means that the government is “waving its hand” at KPO, she replied: – Absolutely not. If we had waved our hand, we would not have prepared a bill on the Supreme Court.

– We are now awaiting the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal in this case. Of course, in parallel, we will try to conduct a dialogue with the European Commission – assured Semeniuk-Patkowska.

Grabiec: they swayed in mutual games

– Apparently, the power camp is in no hurry here. They were a bit lost in mutual games, but Poles suffer from this – commented Jan Grabiec from Platforma Obywatelska.

As he added, “the real problem is that PLN 170 billion should have been working for the development of Poland for several months, and this is not happening.” – This money is very much needed by Poles. From the very beginning, we have demanded a state of conformity with the constitution as far as the judiciary is concerned. This could have been done months ago. It was also possible not to break the constitution six years ago and there would be no problem, said the opposition politician.

Referring the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal, he assessed, “is an obvious defense of the president against the trap into which he was led by Prime Minister Morawiecki’s camp.” – After all, this act admits that the president made unlawful decisions to appoint judges who are not judges – he pointed out.

Scheuring-Wielgus: Everything is in the hands of PiS. The fact that there is no money is the fault of PiS

– We want this money to come, as the Left, we voted for this money. But I see a tendency in the PiS camp to blur it out. It’s been 656 days since this money could already be in Poland – calculated the member of the Left, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus.

She emphasized that “Poland would not have to deal with these laws, we would not have to wait for what the president would do, but we could already spend this money.”

– The government is from PiS, the president (Jaroslaw Kaczynski) is from PiS, head of the Constitutional Tribunal (Julia Przyłębska) is from PiS… Everything is in the hands of PiS. And the fact that there is no money is the fault of Law and Justice, said the MP.

Mucha: this is Ziobro’s buff

Joanna Mucha from Poland 2050 expressed the opinion that “the president could refer this bill to the Constitutional Tribunal, but in the mode of subsequent review”. – Then this law would have already entered into force, the moment he signed it. Then the composition of the Tribunal to consider the case would be much smaller and there would be no problem to gather this composition – she said.

– What the president has done is to strengthen (the minister of justice, the leader of Solidarna Polska) Zbigniew Ziobro. We know that today in the Constitutional Tribunal there is a dispute between Zbigniew Ziobro’s people and people associated with – generally speaking – PiS – she added.

However, she noted that she was “unable to understand” such a move due to the conflict between the president and Ziobro.

Bartoszewski: The president’s move is astonishing

Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski from PSL assessed that “the president’s move is astonishing, because it is not known to which Tribunal he submitted this application.” There are two tribunals at the moment. There is a tribunal of Julia Przyłębska, and the other tribunal is this one – judges nominated by Minister Ziobro – who question the fact that Przyłębska is the president, he explained.

He explained that “because consideration of the application in the manner in which the president submitted it requires 11 judges, there is no way for them to assemble, because six judges question the legality of Mrs. Przyłębska’s presidency.” – This tribunal will not meet unless Minister Ziobro agrees to such a concession for a certain price – stressed Bartoszewski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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