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Changes in the work certificate. Regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy

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The Regulation of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of May 11, 2023 regarding changes to the employment certificate was published in the Journal of Laws. This is related to the amendment to the Labor Code.

New information on the employment certificate

Thanks to the regulation, employment certificates will include information on the use of new institutions introduced to the Labor Code by the employee.

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, an employee may take advantage of five days of unpaid care leave in a calendar year to provide personal care or support to a relative (son, daughter, mother, father or spouse) or to a person remaining in a common household who requires care or support for serious reasons. medical reasons.

The amendment to the Labor Code also introduced the possibility of taking leave from work “due to force majeure” to be used in urgent family matters for two days or 16 hours in a calendar year, while retaining the right to half the remuneration.

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Therefore, information in the employment certificate about the use of these rights by the employee will be necessary to determine the rights under the employment relationship by the next employer, who will employ the employee in the same calendar year in which the employment relationship with the previous employer ended. Family and Social Policy.

remote work

The family ministry also pointed out that adapting the content of the employment certificate is necessary due to the amendment to the Labor Code of December 2022, which from April 7 this year will apply. introduced into the regulations the possibility of remote work, including occasional remote work.

“Only an employee may take the initiative to perform such work, and the length of such work has been limited to 24 days in a calendar year. As a consequence, it is necessary for the employer to include in the employment certificate also information on the number of days of performing such work in a calendar year, in This will enable the next employer, employing an employee in the same calendar year, to correctly determine the remaining working hours of occasional remote work, “the family ministry explained.

The regulation enters into force 7 days after its announcement.

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