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Charles III has cancer. Prince Harry arrived in London

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Prince Harry, the younger son of British King Charles III, flew to London on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the information provided the day before that his father had been diagnosed with cancer, British media reported.

According to the media, Prince Harry, who has been living in California with his family for several years, arrived in London on a scheduled British Airways plane. A short time later, a helicopter landed in the gardens in front of Buckingham Palace.

Charles III has cancer

On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. The media revealed that he personally conveyed this information to members of his immediate family, i.e. both sons – William and Harry, and younger siblings – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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Buckingham Palace did not specify what type of cancer the king was diagnosed with. He only explained that this was a separate case from the enlarged prostate, because of which 75-year-old Karol was in hospital for four days at the end of January.

Harry flew to London within a dozen or so hours of Buckingham Palace announcing his father’s cancer diagnosis, although relations between them have been tense for several years. The reason for this is a number of public actions undertaken by Harry and his wife Meghan, which in the opinion of many are harmful royal family and the institution of the monarchy.

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