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ChatGPT. 100 million users in record time

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Two months – that was enough for ChatGPT, an application developed by OpenAI, to gain 100 million users. As pointed out by the Polish Economic Institute, none of the existing applications, even as popular as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, had such a fast pace of development. Its huge success has sharpened competition between Microsoft, which has invested in the company, and Google, which fears that ChatGPT will threaten the position of the Internet search engine.

ChatGPT had its first million users in just five days of being released to the general public. After two months, the application reached the level of 100 million users. As noted by the Polish Economic Institute, ChatGPT thus broke all previous records. TikTok, the current leader in this respect, needed 9 months to gain such interest, Instagram 2.5 years, and Facebook about 5 years.

ChatGPT 100 million users in 2 months.pngPIE

In the opinion of the Polish Economic Institute, the popularity of the application is due to the fact that it is the first product based on artificial intelligence that is so widely available and easy to use. “At the same time, the responses generated by the chat sounded so human and creative that they often went viral on social media” – stated in the latest issue of “Tygodnik PIE”.

Competition between Microsoft and Google

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Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft had invested $10 billion in OpenAI. A company created by Bill Gatesplans to use artificial intelligence tools in its products, e.g. in the Bing search engine. Thanks to this, it would immediately respond to Internet users’ queries without presenting pages with links.

Such a solution would be a serious challenge for the Google search engine, which currently dominates the market. That’s why Alphabet, the owner of Google, started testing its own chatbot.

However, in the opinion of PIE analysts, it is too early to talk about a serious threat from bots for search engines. It has been noticed that chatbots sometimes produce answers that sound convincing but contain errors.

“In addition, copyrights to the works on the basis of which the chatbot generates its answers may be a problem. The models are tested on texts from existing websites and may sometimes plagiarize them” – it was found.

The issue of implementing the tool on a large scale will also be a problem. Creating a response by a chatbot requires more computing power, i.e. energy, which will be a problem with billions of queries per day.

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