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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Chechnya. Parliament wants to ban the publication in the media of information about the nationality of suspected criminals

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The Chechen parliament has submitted to the State Duma a draft law prohibiting the publication in the media of information about the nationality and religion of persons suspected of committing a crime, the Interfax agency reported. The Russian media recalled several high-profile incidents involving men of “Caucasian nationality”, as well as the reaction of President Ramzan Kadyrov criticizing journalists writing about them.


The parliamentarians from Chechnya emphasized that the draft law aims to preserve “inter-ethnic and interfaith consent as well as peace in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“Disseminating similar information is considered an insult to the national and religious feelings of honest, respected citizens, true believers who have nothing to do with criminal activity” – said the deputies in the justification, also saying that in Russia “every thoughtlessly and carelessly spoken word it can become a detonator of a social outbreak and lead to incitement to interethnic and interfaith hostility. “

In its justification, the Chechen parliament referred to entries in social networks of “provocative nature, in which a negative attitude towards an ethnic or religious group or people from this group is formed, and it is proposed to limit the rights of this group or to commit violence against it”.

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov chechnya.gov.ru

A series of incidents and Kadyrov’s reaction

The Gazeta.ru portal recalled that it is not the first time that parliamentarians from Chechnya are proposing similar solutions, but so far they have not been implemented. Politicians from Grozny have complained, inter alia, that when writing about the terrorist threat, journalists, including federal media, used phrases such as “Chechen bandits”, “Chechen terrorists” or “Chechen bandit underground”.

This year, controversy over the mention of the nationality of people suspected of committing crimes has flared up again in a series of high-profile incidents, Gazeta.ru wrote. In October, three Dagestani men beat a Moscow resident in the subway, who defended his girlfriend. In early November, four people were detained in New Moscow, charged with assaulting a man walking with his four-year-old son. The media reported that the suspects came from the Transcaucasus. After this incident, Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov criticized journalists for “attacking the Caucasus”. “The media behaves as if there are only two categories of citizens: Caucasian nationals and without nationalities. Why are natives from other regions not mentioned (in connection with committing crimes)” – the Chechen leader criticized in the entry.

Kadyrov entered into a polemic with the head of the propaganda television RT (formerly Russia Today) Margarita Simonian, who did not hide her indignation and wrote on the Telegram channel: regulations with registration, registration, checking this registration at each metro station (similar to the way I was checked when I came from Krasnodar to Moscow 20 years ago) “.

Kadyrov said that due to “discrimination” in the media, a generation of Russians could grow up who recognize the Caucasus as a separate state.

On November 19, the deputy head of the administration of the president of Russia, Magomedsalem Magomedov, said that the media community should pay attention to the problem of mentioning the nationality of perpetrators of crimes in Russia. He added that breaking this norm should result in bringing journalists to justice.

Main photo source: chechnya.gov.ru

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