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Chechnya. Russian journalist Elena Milashina and lawyer Aleksandr Nemov attacked on the way to Grozny

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Russian journalist Elena Milashina and lawyer Aleksandr Nemov were attacked in Chechnya by a group of masked assailants on their way to Grozny for the trial of Zarema Musayeva, abducted by the Chechen regime. Both suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital in the Chechen capital.

Elena Miłashina, journalist of the Russian independent portal Novaya Gazeta. Yevropa and lawyer Aleksandr Nemov traveled to Grozny to attend the trial of Zarema Musayeva, who was kidnapped in 2022 by the Chechen regime from her apartment in Nizhny Novgorod and then taken to Chechnya.

They were attacked on the way from the airport. They were kicked all over their bodies, including their faces, had guns to their heads and threatened to kill them. The woman’s head was shaved and her fingers were broken, and she was also doused with green paint. Miłaszyna lost consciousness, she has numerous bruises. Niemov was hit with a knife. His life is not in danger, but the lawyer has difficulty moving and speaking, Memorial and Novaya Gazeta reported. Yevrop.

“You have been warned. Leave here and do not describe anything” – the victims were to hear from unknown perpetrators who attacked them. The attackers destroyed journalistic equipment and documents of Miłaszyna and Niemów.

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Activists from the organization Crew against Torture published on social media photos of Miłaszyna from the hospital in Grozny, where the victims were after the robbery.

Brutal rule in Chechnya

Zarema Musayeva was abducted by Chechen security forces in January 2022. As reported by Novaya Gazeta. Yevropa, Musayeva and her husband Saydy Yangulbayev are the parents of Ibragim Yangulbayev – a blogger who runs the well-known Adat channel on Telegram, regularly reporting on violations human rights in Chechnya. In December 2021, a court in Grozny, subordinated to the local authorities, declared the medium “extremist”.

Ramzan Kadyrov has ruled Chechnya since 2007. The leader of the North Caucasian republic rejoices in Russia opinion of an influential politician, while observers from Western countries and Russian oppositionists assess his rule as a brutal dictatorship. Kadyrov ruthlessly deals not only with his political opponents, but also with, among others, independent journalists and representatives of sexual minorities.

Main photo source: Twitter.com/pytkam_net

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