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Chelm, Lublin. More than 80 artefacts confiscated from smugglers at the border have been delivered to the Chełm Land Museum

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Historic icons and other museum items were donated by the Lublin National Revenue Administration to the Museum of the Chełm Land in Chełm (lubelskie province). As reported, they were “confiscated from smugglers” at the border crossing in Dorohusk. The oldest icon dates back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The monuments were handed over on Friday, February 17. “(…) National Revenue Administration The director of the unit, Natalia Jędruszczak, handed over icons confiscated from smugglers and tin boxes for sweets or tea, i.e. goods considered luxury at that time. The harvest was smuggled across the territory Ukraine. They were intercepted at the border crossing in Dorohusk,” the city of Chełm informed on social media.

According to Michał Deruś, the spokesman for the Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin, 14 icons, 65 decorative metal packages for storing, among others, papers were sent to the Museum of the Chełm Land in Chełm. food, a silver bracelet decorated with stones, which is a product of ancient arts and crafts, and a hand-painted lacquer case for pince-nez with a Troika scene.

– Most of the icons donated to the museum are paintings written on a board, with gilding or silvering. All of them are preserved in good condition. The oldest icon dates back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, the spokesman said.

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14 icons went to the Museum of the Chełm Land in ChełmTax Administration Chamber in Lublin

Decorative boxes for coffee, sugar, tooth powder and other “luxury products”

In turn, the decorative metal containers that were donated to the museum in Chełm, as emphasized by the spokesperson of the Lublin KAS, are characterized by a variety of colors and shapes. – These are tubes, boxes, stylized trunks, baskets, caskets and others – lists Deruś. As he explains, they were used to store, among other things, coffee, tea, sugar, biscuits, toothpaste and other products, often luxurious, related to the everyday culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Chełm museum has been enriched with 65 decorative metal containers for storing, among others, foodTax Administration Chamber in Lublin

Valuable monuments entered Poland illegally

According to the spokesman of the Lublin National Revenue Administration, all monuments and museum items transferred to the Chełm institution come from smuggling prevented by the Customs and Tax Service. – They were detained at the road border crossing in Dorohusk. After the court ruled for their forfeiture in favor of the State Treasury and the decision of the provincial conservator of monuments, they could enrich the collections of the Chełm museum – stressed the KAS representative.

These are yet another objects that came to the museum in Chełm in this way.

Main photo source: Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin

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