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Chemistry in toys – control of the Trade Inspection. Exceeding the phthalates standard was found in 12 percent. toys

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In the period from March to September 2022, the Trade Inspection checked the marking of 220 toy models. Irregularities were found in almost one third of the models, according to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

“8,342 dangerous toys were withdrawn from the market and destroyed. 22 requests from the Trade Inspection to initiate administrative proceedings against the President UOKiK – their effect may be the imposition of penalties” – reads the report published by UOKiK.

The inspectors checked manufacturers, wholesalers, as well as retail and large-area stores. Most of the toys came from China.

The inspectors checked whether correct technical documentation, including a declaration of conformity; identification details of the manufacturer or importer; information identifying the toy or instructions in Polish.

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Toys under the microscope of the Trade Inspection

We also learn from the report that out of 220 toy models, 68 had irregularities (31%), of which 18% were recorded in the case of verification of the marking. abnormalities.

As for laboratory tests, abnormalities were detected in 12% of cases. toys (26 out of 220 models) – “we found that they exceeded the permissible concentration of phthalates”.

Inspection of toys by the Trade Inspection – resultsuokik.gov.pl

“The most cases of exceeding the concentration of phthalates are PVC dolls and balls” – it was written.

It added that “the percentage of toys containing harmful chemicals is decreasing year by year.”

Percentage of toys containing harmful chemicalsuokik.gov.pl

What are phthalates and why is it important?

As explained in the report, phthalates “serve to soften the plastic and give it flexibility”. It was added that “they have no smell or taste” and “the assessment of their content is possible only in specialized laboratories.”

“In high concentrations, they are dangerous to health – they can cause fertility disorders, risk of kidney or liver damage, the development of asthma and even cancer” – warned.

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