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Cherries growers are protesting because the prices in procurement are too low. They set up a stall outside the Ministry of Agriculture

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Cherry growers protested on Thursday in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. They demanded a meeting with Minister Robert Telus. However, it will not happen soon, because the minister believes that what the planters are doing is a happening. Raspberry producers organized a similar protest on Wednesday.

The protest of cherry growers at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development could not be missed on Thursday. At Mr Łukasz’s stall, set up as part of AgroUnia’s protest action, a kilogram of cherries from his farm can be bought for 10 zlotys. In the purchase, he would sell them for about PLN 5 – well below the cost of production. – The state should do something for next year so that there is no problem, because this year nothing will help growers – appeals a fruit producer from the Lublin province.

Growers have a problem to sell their fruit, because – as they say – the market has been flooded by those from outside the European Union – for example, from Turkey and Ukraine, and they go to supermarkets.

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In front of the Ministry of Agriculture, there was a queue of people willing to buy Polish fruit on Thursday. – Today, it is probably impossible to ridicule this government more than to set up a stall with fruit and vegetables, which Poland is famous for, and sell them here, because you can’t sell them in a shop – said Michał Kołodziejczak from AgroUnion.

They demand a meeting with the minister

AgroUnion activists have solutions that have been introduced in other European Union countries with similar problems. They want to talk about them with the Minister of Agriculture, but Robert Telus claims that he did not receive an official request for a meeting. – The protester did not call, I do not have any signal – explains the politician.

However, the exchange of letters between the AgroUnion representative and the Minister of Agriculture shows something completely different. On July 5, Kołodziejczak asked for an urgent meeting. He received a reply from Telus himself a day later. The minister wrote that he meets and cooperates, but with other growers and producers of soft fruit.

I sent him a letter a week ago asking for an appointment. On Friday he wrote back that he talks to various people and will not talk to me. Yesterday – seeing the problem – he says: call the secretary’s office, let’s arrange a coffee – said Kołodziejczak. The Minister of Agriculture, referring to the words of the AgroUnion representative, explained that he was open to the meeting, but it must be substantive.

A week ago, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Rafał Romanowski visited two collection points and met with producers, where he presented the government’s ideas to solve the problem. Other growers also came to the meeting to ask for specifics. They heard it: “until 2015 you went to Germany and it didn’t bother you (…). We did a lot to make it look different”.

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