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Chief Police Commander Jarosław Szymczyk is to resign from his position. Magdalena Biejat and Stanisław Karczewski comment

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General Jarosław Szymczyk became famous mainly for discrediting the institution he represented. It’s high time for him to leave, said Magdalena Biejat, deputy speaker of the Senate from the Left Club, in “Kropka nad i”. Stanisław Karczewski, a PiS senator and former speaker of the upper house, said that “the police function really well in Poland.” – I’m not saying it’s perfect. I agree that there are some reservations, he said.

The Chief Commander of the Police, General Jarosław Szymczyk, will leave his position even before the appointment of the new government – according to tvn24.pl. This will most likely happen at the end of the week.

Biejat: it is high time for General Szymczyk to leave

The matter was commented on by the guests of “Kropka nad i” on TVN24: Magdalena Biejat from the Left Club, representative of the Razem party, current deputy speaker of the Senate, and Stanisław Karczewski from PiS, in the past, among others, the speaker of this chamber.

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Biejat said it was “high time” to leave. – Because General Szymczyk became famous mainly for discrediting – he was not the only one – the institution he represented. The most famous was the grenade launcher topic, which no one could explain. It was, of course, grotesque and showed how the police works and is unable to control itself, she said.

– But for me personally, as a woman, what was particularly outrageous was the behavior of the police when Mrs. Joanna from Krakow was treated as a suspect, as simply a criminal – because she terminated her own pregnancy, when the police treated her terribly in the emergency room in hospital. And at the press conference, General Szymczyk de facto disclosed data about her health condition and her personal, intimate matters – added the deputy speaker of the Senate.

The story of Mrs. Joanna from Krakow was publicized by “Fakty” TVN. The woman took an abortion pill because the pregnancy was said to be life-threatening. After a few days, when she felt physically and mentally bad, she informed her doctor. She also informed her that she had had a medical abortion. The doctor – psychiatrist – who claims that the woman told her during the conversation that she wanted to take her own life, called 112 and informed the services about the incident. Mrs. Joanna went to the hospital accompanied by the police. On site, the police interrogated her and took her laptop and phone.

Karczewski: the police function really well in Poland

Stanisław Karczewski, responding to the accusation that many people were leaving the ranks of the police, said that “people came to the police and left the police.” – This is a normal process. There are absolutely no excessive departures (leaving – editor) or resignations from work in the police. Poles generally feel safe in Poland, he said.

He also commented on allegations of police brutality. – Very often, we see images from other countries where the police intervene in a brutal, very decisive manner – he said.

He added that “the police function really well in Poland.” – I’m not saying it’s perfect. I agree that there are some reservations, he said.

Karczewski: the police function really well in PolandTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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