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Child psychiatry. The average waiting time is 238 days, and in Siedlce the city lost its only doctor

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The tragic state of child psychiatry remains. The only child psychiatrist at the hospital in Siedlce resigned. The new one is here, but for now she only works two days a week. The next available date is almost a year from now. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

Mrs. Ania gave up trying to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for her daughter a long time ago National Health Fund. – Even privately, at the moment the dates are such that we sign up for three or four visits in advance. Visits are once every three months, he says.

Karolina’s mother (name changed – ed.) says that she is in a comfortable situation anyway. He has money for visits for his daughter and lives in a big city, where access to a specialist is easier than further from the center of the region.

– In small centers where there are no doctors, no alternative, where people have no access to private health care, I think that many stories can end and probably ended tragically – adds Ms. Anna.

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Siedlce without a child psychiatry doctor

The problem of access to a specialist is a problem throughout the country. In Siedlce, on December 31, the city lost its only child psychiatry doctor admitted to the National Health Fund. The new one is here – she will start work any day now, but for now she won’t be able to see patients very often. He is preparing for the spring specialization exam.

– The doctor declared her availability depending on the week, once or twice a week, but after passing the exams she is able to significantly increase her availability – says Renata Lotek-Waćkowska, medical director of the Masovian Provincial Hospital in Siedlce.

The average waiting time is 238 days

Anyone who signs up for a visit will have to wait until the end of the year. – Currently, for first-time patients, December 2024, this is the average waiting period – says Renata Lotek-Waćkowska.

The average waiting time for a child psychiatrist is 238 days. The Growspace Foundation checked how long the queues to see a child psychiatrist are in the country last year.

The average waiting time to see a psychiatrist is 238 days.David Pereiras/Shutterstock

– There are places where the waiting period is over a thousand days, including three in Warsaw and one in Pomerania, and the record set in September is 2,445 days in one of the centers in Będzin – notes Dominik Kuc from the Growspace Foundation.

– This is a big problem, because we are talking about public benefits to which we as a society should have access – says National Consultant in the Field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Aleksandra Lewandowska, MD, PhD.

The health ministry is working on the project

The Ministry of Health assures that child psychiatry is a priority for the new government. – The minister is appointing a team of specialists who will analyze existing solutions and prepare a project of new solutions that will improve access to psychiatrists and improve the condition of Polish psychiatry – says the spokesman. Ministry of Health Damian Kuraś.

A psychiatrist under the National Health Fund is available in approximately every second poviat, and a psychologist in every poviat. – If prevention were developed in our country and systemic solutions were implemented, believe me, the majority of these children and teenagers who are in our system and require specialist care would not have to be admitted to this system at all – says Dr. . Aleksandra Lewandowska.

In turn, the director of the Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk, Mariusz Kaszubowski, claims that “the pediatric psychiatry department is to be the last element, the last gate and the rescue board.” – The first gateway should be clinics where there is no doctor yet, and sometimes the help of a psychologist is enough – he explains.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here you will find a list of organizations offering professional help. In a situation of immediate threat to life, call 997 or 112.

Main photo source: David Pereiras/Shutterstock

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