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Childish. She caused an accident, a 3.5-year-old child died. She will spend six and a half years in prison

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The District Court in Bielsk Podlaski sentenced a woman accused of causing an accident in which her 3.5-year-old child died and the driver of another car suffered serious injuries in February 2023 to six and a half years in prison. The driver was drunk at the time of the accident.

Let us recall that February 1, 2023 on national road no. 19 There was an accident between Bielsk Podlaski and Siemiatycze near Dziecinne (Podlaskie Province). Three cars were involved in the incident.

Initial reports indicated that the Lexus driver had crossed into the opposite lane, where her car brushed against one car and then hit another, both coming from the opposite direction. In one of those cars, a delivery van, firefighters had to use specialist equipment to free the driver trapped inside.

The driver's child died in the accidentKW PSP Białystok

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The investigation concluded that the driver deliberately violated road safety regulations: she got behind the wheel while drunk (she had over 2 per mille of alcohol in her blood), drove at excessive speed (the expert estimated it was at least 140 km/h) and caused an accident. Her 3.5-year-old child died, and the driver of the car that the Lexus hit suffered very serious injuries. She is still undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

The woman pleaded guilty, she had a hard day

A woman has been charged with causing a drunken accident road accident with fatal consequences and with consequences resulting in serious bodily harm.

The accused admitted both during the investigation and in court. As she explained, she had a very difficult day at home, decided to drink alcohol, then got into the car with the child and drove to her family in Bielsk Podlaski.

The court sentenced the woman to six and a half years in prison. It also imposed a lifetime driving ban on her. The verdict is not final.

Main image source: KW PSP Białystok

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