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Children in the Gaza Strip are dying of malnutrition. “This is a real drama, a real disaster”

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Children in Gaza are dying of hunger and the recordings from local hospitals show exactly what this death looks like. There is a shortage of medicines, oxygen, fuel and electricity, and the consequences of malnutrition affect almost every child under two years of age there. Some recordings are so graphic that we cannot show them.

10-year-old Yazan died in one of the pediatric hospitals in Gaza. The extremely malnourished boy fought for every breath, having no chance of receiving adequate medical care. – In this hospital alone, in a very short period of time, we witnessed the death of thirteen children who died of malnutrition – says Dr. Ahmad Salem from the Kamal Adwan Hospital in the Gaza Strip. – My beautiful daughter just died. She was deficient in potassium and calcium, and yesterday she also ran out of oxygen several times, says Anwar Abdulnabi, the mother of the deceased girl.

The photos of some patients are too graphic for us to show you. Hunger in Gaza is a fact. Insufficient humanitarian aid reaches the north of the enclave. There is a shortage of medicines, oxygen, fuel, electricity, hospitals are in ruins. Palestinian newborns share incubators, and the consequences of malnutrition affect almost every child under two years of age there.

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– People are so desperate due to the lack of water, food and any supplies that they risk their lives to get anything for themselves and their children. This is a real drama, a real catastrophe, emphasizes Christian Lindmeier from the World Health Organization.

Americans dropped food parcels over the Gaza StripJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

What about the ceasefire?

Last week, there were riots during which the Israeli army opened fire. Over a hundred people died. The UN warns that humanitarian convoys are often blocked by the Israeli military. Israel responds that the problem with distributing aid results from the chaos in the enclave itself. The situation is so dramatic that some countries have decided to airdrop aid, and others are planning to open a maritime corridor.

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– We are facing terrible suffering in Gaza, there is no doubt about it. I have already mentioned the threat of hunger and disease – this is where we are. People are dying of hunger and from preventable diseases, points out David Cameron, British Foreign Secretary.

Americans are also losing patience. Humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip is a priority, they say in talks with the Israeli government. Ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas have still not yielded any results. Hamas refused to provide a list of living hostages held in the Strip.

– Everything is now in the hands of Hamas. Israel cooperates. There is a rational offer on the table and we will find out what happens in the next few days. We need a truce, says Joe Biden, US president.

Especially since Ramadan is approaching – the holy month in Islam and the time of pilgrimages to Jerusalem. According to the decision of the Israeli government, access to the Al Aqsa Mosque will not be limited – the Temple Mount Complex can accommodate up to 400,000 people.

Main photo source: Reuters

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