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Children with coronavirus go to an infectious diseases hospital. What is the risk of a child suffering from COVID-19

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A four-month-old girl with an almost 40-degree fever caused by a coronavirus infection was brought to a hospital in Gdańsk. Parents were not vaccinated. – When doctors ask parents why they are not vaccinated, they usually hear “because not” – says Agnieszka Ogrodnik from the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk in an interview with TVN24. Doctors warn that not all children get COVID-19 mildly, and they can all be affected by Pocovid Syndrome.

A four-month-old girl was brought to the city hospital in Gdańsk with a 40-degree fever and shortness of breath. Research has confirmed that both the infant and parents are infected with the coronavirus. The girl ended up in the pediatric ward of the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk. For several days her condition was serious.

Only on Sunday – after 10 days of hospitalization – the child was discharged home. At that time, it turned out that neither parent was vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

Unvaccinated adults

There is another child suffering from COVID-19 in the ward of an infectious disease hospital, a four-year-old. His condition is reasonably good, it was planned that the boy would be released home on Tuesday. He, too, got infected from unvaccinated parents. In addition, there are several children in quarantine on the ward.

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According to doctors, mainly children from families where adults are unvaccinated go to an infectious disease hospital with covid or suspected disease. The youngest child, who went to the facility in Gdańsk, was one month old.

When doctors ask parents why they haven’t got vaccinated, they usually hear “because no”. – This is a big problem – Agnieszka Ogrodnik, deputy head of the pediatric ward in Gdańsk hospital, admits in an interview with TVN24.


Serious complications

The youngest are usually mildly infected with the coronavirus, but firstly, this is not the rule, and secondly, the situation worsens when covid is accompanied by other diseases or health disorders, such as Lyme disease or thrombocytopenia. Moreover, any infected child is threatened PIMS, or postovid syndrome.

What is the course and symptoms of PIMS? Dr. Aneta Górska-Kot answers (interview from January 2021)TVN24

– We urge parents to take into account the fact that they protect not only themselves, but above all their children. Some complications, such as the multi-system inflammatory syndrome, may have cardiological consequences in the future, argues Agniszka Ogrodnik.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported 711 new confirmed coronavirus infections and the deaths of 15 people with COVID-19.

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