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“Children’s suggestions became an inspiration for designers and architects”

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There has never been such a renovation in Poznań before. – Children’s proposals became an inspiration for designers and architects – says Mariusz Wiśniewski, deputy mayor of Poznań. In the spring, on Słowackiego Street, in front of the school, colorful graphics and wooden street furniture will appear.

Słowackiego Street in Poznań, on the section from Kraszewski to Wawrzyniak, will undergo renovation in the autumn, after which it will completely change its appearance. The space in front of the building of Primary School No. 36 will undergo a real revolution.

It started with drawings

– At the end of 2021, on the initiative of the Jeżyce Estate Council, we asked school students how they imagine Słowackiego Street after renovation. After all, they are the most frequent users of this street. As a result, a dozen or so artistic works were created, presenting a street full of greenery, small architecture and colorful games painted on the sidewalks. The children’s proposals became an inspiration for the designers and architects responsible for the preparation of the renovation project of Słowackiego Street – says Mariusz Wiśniewski, Deputy Mayor of Poznań.

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One of the children’s drawingsZDM Poznań

In March 2022, design workshops were held at Primary School No. 36 with the participation of students from three grades 4-6, whose task was to turn children’s ideas into real concepts of solutions. – The oldest created a vision of their dream street using a professional computer program with the support of architects from SARP – says Piotr Libicki, deputy director of the Municipal Roads Authority.

Fifth grade students built a cardboard and drawing model of a street, and fourth graders had to build Słowackiego Street from blocks. – The whole process was supervised by representatives of the Municipal Roads Authority, the Municipal Traffic Engineer and the Municipal Conservator of Monuments. We took the mock-ups and designs created as a result of the workshops into account when developing the target changes on Słowackiego Street – explains Libicki.

Street visualizationZDM Poznań

They will use recycled cubes

In front of the school, the roadway will be elevated – this is to slow down the passing vehicles. The pavement and the roadway will be made of recycled clinker paving stones – dismantled from the renovated Kolegiacki Square. There will be colorful graphics and wooden street furniture, built as part of the international Mood for Wood workshop, which will be organized by SARP in August, in which students of the primary school in Jeżyce will take part. The square in front of the school will be covered by the residential zone.

Parking spaces previously located on the sidewalks will be replaced by parallel parking spaces on both sides of the road. In addition, there will be new vegetation – trees and low greenery, on the sidewalks in places previously occupied by parked cars.

The renovation will start in SeptemberZDM Poznań

The initiator of the modernization of Słowackiego was the Jeżyce Housing Estate Council. – We are convinced that thanks to them, all users of this street, especially students, will gain a quiet, friendly and green space that they will want to visit and go to school on a daily basis – says Helena Zadumińska, a councilor.

Renovation works on ul. Słowackiego are scheduled for the period from September to December. The graphics will be completed in the spring of 2024.

Main photo source: ZDM Poznań

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