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Chile, Santiago. Huge flare in the sky [NAGRANIE]

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Chileans could see a spectacular flare in the Thursday night sky. In the recordings from the capital, you can see a meteor crossing the sky.

The phenomenon was visible from different parts of Santiago, so cameras could track its movement. Scientists at Concepcion University explained that the bright light left behind a small rock body that burned down after it found itself attracted by gravity into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The glowing trail that a meteoroid leaves when it moves through the atmosphere is called a meteor. It is formed when a meteoroid heats up to very high temperatures and burns. Often, in addition to a bright spot, a short-lived streak is visible.

Meteor and meteorite

How is a meteor different from a meteorite? Most often, when entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the meteoroid burns up completely and, apart from bright light in the sky, no trace of it remains. However, if it does not burn completely and its fragments fall to the surface of the Earth, then they are called meteorites.

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Main photo source: Reuters / Ledrium.cl

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