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Chile. The Peruvian penguin wandered around the city of Chanaral

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The penguin wandered around the Chilean city of Chanaral. Members of the fishing organization saved him. The animal was most likely taken from its natural habitat by the sea currents.

A penguin was noticed by tourists in the coastal city of Chanaral in the Atacama region. He was confused and in poor health. The animal was transported to a veterinary clinic by members of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service.

After helping him and making sure he was well, he was released in the nearby Pan de Azúcar National Park. “This is an area where a lot of these penguins live,” said Erick Burgos of the marine animal rescue service there.

The penguin was most likely taken from its natural habitat by sea currents.

Peruvian penguin

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It is a species of Peruvian penguin, also known as the penguin Humboldt (Spheniscus humboldti). It occurs in the western part of South America, in coastal regions of Chile and Peru. It is considered an endangered species. According to scientists, there are 2,500-9999 thousand adults in the wild. These animals live 15-20 years.

Main photo source: Reuters

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