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China. A new method of powering a waterfall. A tourist discovered a water pipe

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314-meter waterfall in China received support in the form of a tube mounted on topwhich is intended to power it during the dry season, the BBC reported.

This fact was revealed by one of the tourists who filmed it using a drone video from flying over the waterfall. The video shows water flowing out of the pipe and then falling along with the main stream.

Waterfall feeding method in China. A tourist discovered a water pipe

The video posted on social media sparked a lively discussion.

“Doesn't this tourist person have better things to do?” – wrote one of the commenters under the video.

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I think that's a good thing. Otherwise, people would be disappointed if the waterfall dried up,” another netizen noted.

There were also critical voices. “It's a lack of respect for nature and tourists,” the user commented.

“How can this waterfall still be considered the highest in China?” another Internet user asked.

Problems with the highest waterfall in China. Officials comment

The park authorities commented on the matter. It was admitted that the waterfall received a boost and relies partly on water pumped from a pipe.

“Made a slight improvement to the waterfall, so that it looks its best during the dry season” – it was written. As added, the water from the pipe is spring water and does not harm the environment.

314 meters high Yuntai Waterfall is located in Henan Province in Yuntai Park, which is included on the UNESCO list. The area is visited by millions of tourists every year, attracted by geological formations that are over a billion years old.

Artificial methods of supporting the environment have occurred in China before. Huangguoshu Waterfall – a famous tourist destination in southwestern Guizhou province – was saved thanks to water from the river, which the gear was specially changed.

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