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China, Beijing. The coldest December on record

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December is the coldest in Beijing since records have been recorded. The temperature often drops below -10 degrees Celsius, the BBC reported, emphasizing that this year’s June was the hottest in the history of measurements in the Chinese capital.

China has already been hit by several waves of extreme cold this winter. In some areas, this forced the closure of schools and hampered transportation. There have been reports of heating problems in Henan province in the central part of the country.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory recorded more than 300 hours of frost in less than two weeks, the China Daily newspaper reported. On Monday last week, the temperature in the Chinese capital dropped to -15.5 degrees Celsius, which was the lowest value recorded for December 19. This year’s December in Beijing turned out to be the coldest since 1952, when such statistics began to be kept.

This is a year of weather extremes in China. This year’s June was the hottest in the history of measurements – reminds the BBC website.

Severe frost in BeijingPAP/EPA/WU HAO

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Extreme winter also in Japan and South Korea

Heavy snowfall, much higher than average, was reported in some areas in northern Japan. Authorities issued a snow alert in Gifu and Hokkaido prefectures. In South Korea, however, there have been large temperature changes in recent weeks, ranging from 16 degrees above zero to 12 degrees below zero, according to data from the South Korean Meteorological Office. It is unclear how people cope with the difficult weather conditions in neighboring North Korea, the BBC emphasizes. According to experts, the possible causes of the extreme weather include the weakening of the polar vortex – a low-pressure system that is usually closed around the Arctic – allowing cold air to move further south. Scientists disagree about what role climate change plays in this issue.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/WU HAO

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