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China. Bonus at work in exchange for running

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A Chinese company announces a new bonus policy. The amount the employee will receive will depend on the distance he runs, media reports. The head of the company explains that it is about the good condition of employees. The decision received wide coverage on social media, and opinions about the company’s new policy are divided.

According to the Hong Kong daily “South China Morning Post”, the Dongpo Paper company employing 100 people in Guangdong province in southern China has decided to replace the annual bonus with a reward system aimed at “motivating” employees to “take care of their fitness and health”.

According to the company’s new policy, an employee will receive the full amount of the monthly bonus if he runs at least 50 km per month. If an employee runs 40 km, he or she will receive an amount of 60%. full bonus. In the case of 30 km it will be 30%. However, an employee who runs 100 km in a month can count on a 30% higher bonus. from full. The distance will be calculated by applications on employees’ work phones. They will also include mountain hiking and fast walking.

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The bonus for physical activity divides commentators

Company CEO Lin Zhiyong explained the decision to introduce the new policy after news of the new policy spread on social media. – A company can last a long time when its employees are healthy, said the businessman quoted by “SCMP”. He added that he had spent the last three years encouraging his employees to play sports and take care of their physical condition. The media notes that the entrepreneur himself is an avid hiker and has climbed Mount Eeverest twice.

The Hong Kong newspaper draws attention to the comments of employees who praise the company’s policy, but at the same time points out that opinions are divided among people who comment on the idea on the Internet. “I need a company that will help me stay in shape,” wrote one of the people commenting on the matter. “The company should provide an additional bonus for employees who exercise, instead of using existing bonuses as a bargaining chip,” another person said.

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