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China. facekini. A fashion trend that protects against the heat

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The hot weather in China has led to a new fashion. More and more people decide to wear a facekini – a face covering that is supposed to protect against the scorching sun. Other covers made of cooling material are also popular.

A heatwave has been going on in China for many days, with thermometers showing over 35 degrees Celsius. To protect themselves from the sun’s rays, the country’s residents invest in sun-protective clothing, including “facekini” and “blush masks”.

Light and airy

Facekinis are pieces of clothing resembling balaclavas that cover the entire head up to the neckline. Invented in 2004, they are constantly being improved, and this season it has become a real hit. Its most developed version is a facekini combined with a full costume covering the body from head to toe. In turn, “blush masks” are similar to surgical masks – they cover the face from the chin, through the cheeks, nose, to the temples.

“Sunscreen clothing should be made of lightweight, breathable material,” a Beijing resident told Reuters. – It’s hot and stuffy in the summer, so it can be hard to breathe after wearing them.

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Hot fashion in ChinaReuters

New, more fashionable styles

In addition to face veils, stores also offer sleeves and hats made of cooling material that blocks ultraviolet radiation. The Chinese are eager to buy protective clothing – as the owner of one of the stores explained in an interview with Reuters, this year the sales of products soared for the first time in three years. There are also more styles to choose from.

Hot fashion in ChinaReuters

The popularity of the facekini is also due to the fact that many consumers in East Asia do not like to sunbathe – darker skin is associated with people from the lower social classes who work in the fields.

Hot fashion in ChinaReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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