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China, floods. The lives of the inhabitants were paralyzed. Television showed the actions of rescuers

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After heavy rains flooded roads and farmland in China’s Henan and Guangdong provinces, more than 1,000 residents had to flee their homes. In many places in the area hit by typhoon Khaba, people are still waiting for help. Cameras recorded some of the rescue operations.

Chinese state-owned CCTV broadcaster aired material on Wednesday showing people rescued by services in various cities in the center and south-east China.

In Xinyang In Henan Province, residents have created a human chain to help get students out of the flooded school. In the same province as the city Anyang, families were rescued with an excavator. In Hebi the rescuers, crossing the rope over the water, pulled the driver from the partially submerged car. In the city Shaoguan homes and farmlands were flooded in Guangdong Province. According to CCTV, over a thousand people were displaced from there due to the flood.

Rescuers recover from floods in Hebi, Henan ProvinceReuters

The people of Xinyang formed a chain to help evacuate the children Reuters

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In recent weeks, rainfall and the resulting floods have devastated property in southern China, paralyzed traffic and disrupted the daily lives of millions of people. Weather forecasters last week predicted China’s extreme weather conditions, including unusually heavy floods, until August.

Precipitation was caused by typhoon Khaba. “It’s a moderate-intensity typhoon, and it will lose strength over time, but it will bring very heavy rains,” said Gao Shuanzhu, a weather scientist at China’s National Meteorological Center last week. “A record for cumulative rainfall may be broken because the monsoon rains inland,” he pointed out.

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Typhoon Chaba hit South China’s Guangdong provinceReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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