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China. Grandpa kidnapped his own granddaughter for ransom. He wanted to pay off his gambling debts

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A man went to prison after he tried to extort the equivalent of several hundred thousand zlotys from his daughter as a ransom after the abduction of his own granddaughter, Chinese media reported. The entrepreneur probably needed the money to pay off his gambling debts.

A 65-year-old man named Yuan was supposed to pick up his four-year-old granddaughter from kindergarten, then told his daughter, the girl’s mother, that he “wouldn’t see her again” if she didn’t give him 500,000 within three days. yuan (equivalent to approx. PLN 301,000 – ed.). He also threatened to kill the child, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

The child’s mother called the police, who arrested the 65-year-old. The man went to prison. According to a report cited by “SCMP” and published in “Shanghai Law Journal”, Yuan committed the crime because of his addiction – the man had “gambling debts” to pay off.

According to hk01.com, the abductor used to run his own business, which prospered until the 65-year-old fell into debt due to his gambling addiction. Before he abducted his granddaughter, he allegedly begged his daughter and son for money.

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A “family” case, not a “legal” one

Yuan tried to clear himself of the charges, arguing that his daughter “simply cares about his death.” In addition, he said the conflict was a “family” issue, not a “legal” one. The 65-year-old organized a hunger strike in prison, which he stopped after the intervention of the police, ex-wife and daughter. “From then on, he began to adjust to life in prison and cooperate with the authorities,” the SCMP reported.

The Shanghai Law Journal did not say exactly when the 65-year-old’s granddaughter was abducted. The story has been reported by many Chinese media in recent days.

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“South China Morning Post”

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