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China. He won millions in the lottery, hid it from his wife. He lost his marriage and money

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A man from China won 10 million yuan (about PLN 6.5 million) in the lottery, but kept this information from his wife. He bought an apartment for his ex-wife, and when the current one found out about it, she filed for divorce. Now Zhou has to give her a large part of the winnings because the court ruled so. And pay compensation for that.

A man named Zhou won 10 million yuan in a lottery two years ago. After paying the tax, he had 8.43 million yuan left in his account (approx. PLN 5.5 million). However, he did not share this information with his wife, a woman named Lin. A courthouse in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province in the east China ruled on February 1 that the man must pay her substantial damages.

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He hid millions from his wife

The Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports on the case. Zhou won a substantial sum of money in the lottery. When the amount hit his account, he tried to hide it from his wife. So he transferred 2 million yuan to his older sister’s account and also withdrew 700,000. yuan to help his ex-wife buy an apartment. However, the current wife found out about the win. So she filed for divorce, demanding that the joint property be divided equally, but in addition to an award of damages amounting to two-thirds of the amount that her husband had withheld from her.

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The court in Wenzhou found that the money Zhou hid was the joint property of the couple, and that the steps the man took after receiving the reward amounted to misappropriation of their joint property. He also agreed to Lin’s request and ordered that the man must pay her 60 percent. winnings hidden from her.

He did not say about the win, he took the money in disguise

There was a similar case in China a few months ago. A man calling himself “Mr. Li” won 19 million yuan in the lottery, or about PLN 142 million, but he did not tell anyone about his victory, and he received the award in disguise. He informed that even the family would not know about the win, because he fears that the money would make his wife and child “arrogant and lazy”, they would stop studying and working.

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