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China is violating Taiwan’s air zone. President of Taiwan: The collapse of our country would be disastrous for peace in the region

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If Taiwan collapsed, the consequences for peace in the region and the alliance system would be catastrophic, warned Taiwan’s President Caj Ing-wen, addressing democratic countries in the American magazine “Foreign Affairs”. On Tuesday, the record was broken when 56 Chinese planes entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in one day. US President Joe Biden said he had raised Taiwan during his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and they were both to agree to stick to the “deal”.

Democratic countries should remember that if Taiwan were to collapse, the consequences for peace in the region and the alliance system would be catastrophic, Taiwan’s President Caj Ing-wen warned in the American magazine Foreign Affairs. The article was published during the escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait.


As of Friday alone, Taiwan’s Southwestern Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) has been breached a total of 150 times by Chinese People’s Liberation Army military planes, including Shenyang J-16 and SU-30 fighters and Xian H-6 bombers, capable of for carrying nuclear warheads.

China is violating Taiwan’s air zoneTAIWAN MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DEFENSE / PAP / EPA

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On Tuesday, the existing record was broken when in one day 56 Chinese planes invaded ADIZ. “Despite these disturbing events, the people of Taiwan have made it clear to the world that democracy is not negotiable,” Caj said.

Taiwan President to express “openness to dialogue with Beijing”

– In view of the almost daily incursions by the People’s Liberation Army, our position in relation to the situation in the Strait remains unchanged: Taiwan will not yield to pressure, but it will not become an adventurer, even if it gains the support of the international community – she added.

President of Taiwan Caj Ing-wenRITCHIE B. TONGO / EPA / PAP

The president stressed that Taiwan will continue to “express (…) openness to dialogue with Beijing, as our administration has been doing since 2016, as long as this dialogue is conducted in a spirit of openness and without political preconditions.” Since taking power, President Caj has repeatedly declared its readiness to enter into talks with the Chinese government.

– Gradually recognizing the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party, countries should also realize the value of cooperation with Taiwan. They should remember that the collapse of Taiwan would be disastrous for peace in the region and for the allied democratic system. This would mean that in today’s global confrontation of values, authoritarianism has an edge over democracy, warned Caj.

China and Taiwan PAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

The president emphasized that in recent years, Taiwan has launched a series of initiatives to strengthen defense, including investment in the air force.

Taiwan is increasing its armaments spending

In September, Taiwan also announced an additional $ 9 billion in armaments over the next five years. As reported by Reuters on Wednesday, almost 65 percent. from the defense budget is to be allocated to warships and surface-to-air missiles. The modernization of the air force is also to be a priority.

President Caj noted that Taiwan is working with its allies, including the United States, to ensure peace in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region. – Taiwan is not seeking a military confrontation. We hope for a peaceful, stable, predictable and mutually beneficial coexistence with our neighbors. However, if Taiwan’s democracy and lifestyle are threatened, we will do everything we can to defend ourselves, concluded the president.

Biden: Xi Jinping has assured him that he will abide by the Taiwan deal

US President Joe Biden commented on the escalation of tensions caused by an unprecedented number of violations of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone by Chinese military planes on Tuesday. He said that during a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he raised the issue of Taiwan.


– We agreed to adhere to the agreement on Taiwan. We explained to him that I don’t think he should do anything other than follow the agreement, said Biden when asked by journalists after returning from a visit to Michigan. It is not clear what agreement Biden was talking about, or whether he was speaking about a new conversation with Xi or the one made over the phone in September. The White House had not previously informed the two leaders of another conversation.


On Monday, the White House said the US is in contact with Chinese diplomats, sending “clear signals” to Beijing. President’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan will meet his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi on Wednesday in Zurich. This will be their second meeting after the Alaska summit in February a diplomatic brawl. According to the Financial Times, the talks will concern a possible virtual meeting of the US and Chinese presidents. Earlier, the same daily reported that Xi refused to offer a summit meeting in September’s conversation with Biden.

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According to White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne, the purpose of Sullivan’s conversation with Yang is “responsible relationship management” of the two powers.


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