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China. Launch of a mission to the far side of the Moon

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The Chang'e-6 lunar probe launched its mission on Friday. Its goal is the invisible side of the Silver Globe – the spacecraft is to land on its surface and collect samples, which will then be sent to Earth. China is also preparing to send people to the Moon.

China launched the Chang'e-6 lunar probe on Friday. The vehicle was launched into extraterrestrial space using the DÅ‚ugi March 5 rocket from a base on Hainan Island.

If all goes according to plan, Chang'e-6 will enter lunar orbit and the lander will detach from the spacecraft. It is to land on the invisible side of the Moon, commonly known as the “dark” or “dark” side. The device will start drilling and taking rock samples. The lander will then leave the Moon, connect with the rest of the probe, and make its way back to Earth. The entire mission is expected to last 53 days.

Launch of the Chang'e-6 missionPAP/EPA/XINHUA/Guo Cheng

China's space program

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In 2020, China brought samples of lunar soil to Earth. Previously, this was last achieved as part of the American Apollo program in the 1970s.

China, which has its own space station, wants to send taikonauts to the Moon by 2030 and bring back soil samples from Mars around the same time. Three Chinese missions to probe the Moon are planned over the next four years, and in the future – the establishment of a permanent base on the Silver Globe.

China carried out its first manned space mission in 2003, becoming the third country after the Soviet Union and the United States to independently send a man into space.

Crowds watch the launch of the Chang'e-6 missionPAP/EPA/XINHUA/Guo Cheng

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/XINHUA/Guo Cheng

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