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China. Military maneuvers on the beach in front of Taiwan

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The Chinese army announced on Monday that it was conducting a landing exercise on a beach in Fujian Province, on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. Due to its location, the province would be a focal point for a possible attack on Taiwan.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army journal reported that “recent days” maneuvers have been carried out in the southern part of Fujian Province.


The newspaper added that assault troops, sappers and specialists dealing with military boats took part in the exercises. The soldiers were “divided into many groups to gradually occupy the beach and carry out combat tasks at different stages,” the Chinese military letter specified.

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In the published video of maneuvers, soldiers attack the beach in small military boats, throw smoke grenades, get through barbed wire and dig fortifications in the sand. The calm sea in the video suggests that the exercise could not take place on Monday. Fujian Province is currently facing a tropical storm passing through the Philippines and Taiwan.

Fujian, due to its location, would be a focal point for a possible attack on Taiwan. On Saturday, Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated the need for “reunification” with Taiwan.

Tense relations between China and Taiwan

Taiwan condemned the coercive tactics used by China against it and said it would defend itself if attacked.

Taiwan has remained politically separate since 1949, when the Republic of China forces and its government withdrew to the island after the communists took power in mainland China. Communist Beijing never came to terms with this state of affairs.

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