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China – Navy. Recruitment of educated pilots for aircraft carriers

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“The need for high-quality military talent is becoming more and more imperative every day,” wrote the Chinese Navy, announcing the recruitment of college graduates to become carrier pilots. At the same time, the upper age limit was raised. As stated, candidates must “love the party, homeland, people and socialism.”

As part of the modernization of the armed forces China not only do they improve equipment, from warships to combat aircraft, but they also try to improve the qualifications of recruits. Traditionally, less educated people decided to pursue a career in the army, Reuters recalled.

“The need for high-quality military talent is becoming a greater necessity by the day.”

In an announcement posted on social media on Wednesday, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) wrote that it is looking for science and engineering graduates aged up to 26 who want to become pilots of machines taking off from ships, including aircraft carriers.

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Reuters emphasized that last year, for the first time, the PLA allowed the recruitment of people up to 24 years of age, although previously only high school graduates under 20 were accepted.

“The need for high-quality military talent is becoming a greater necessity every day. The Navy’s missions and responsibilities continue to expand. The pace of strategic change within the Navy is increasing,” the latest announcement explained.

Chinese aircraft carrier ShandongLi Gang/PAP

Candidates must “love the party, homeland, people and socialism.” Both they and their closest relatives must have a “clean political history” and cannot be punished, it said. A number of criteria were also listed regarding health, height, weight, character and disposition.

The educational cycle includes three or four years of learning aviation theory and practicing in the air. Candidates who complete the training will be able to count on free health care for themselves and their closest relatives, and the government will provide them with housing.

First tests of the Fujian aircraft carrier

China is currently completing preparations for the first sea tests of the Fujian aircraft carrier, its third ship of this type and the first entirely domestically developed. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported in September that Fujian could enter service with the PLA navy in 2025.

Fujian aircraft carrier launching (June 2022 photo)Li Tang/VCG/Getty Images

According to the announcements of the ruling Communist Party of China, the army is to be modernized by 2035 and become a “world-class” army. Leader of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping announced the pursuit of the “great revival of the Chinese nation”, the condition of which is to be “the unification of the homeland”, i.e. taking control of the democratically governed Taiwan. Beijing declares its desire for “peaceful reunification”, but does not rule out the use of force.

Main photo source: Li Gang/PAP

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