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China. No homework for students in grades 1-3. Would a similar solution work in Poland?

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The Chinese government has introduced new educational regulations, according to which teachers will not be allowed to assign homework to students in grades 1-3, and will be free from additional tutoring on weekends. Would a similar solution work in Poland? – No brain, especially a teenager’s brain, does not like routine, does not like coercion, does not like stress – Agnieszka Jankowiak-Maik, known as “Babka od Hista”, said in an interview with TVN24. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Only gold medals, only sixes, and only those activities that will be useful for success at school and at work. This is the philosophy of raising “tiger mothers” – Chinese mothers who train their children to be successful at all costs, also at the cost of health. – Before they even go to school, children are already enrolled in various extracurricular activities that are to improve their brain function, support their intelligence, which are to make them more entrepreneurial and bolder – explained Dr. Katarzyna Sarek, a sinologist from the Jagiellonian University.


Overloading children with activities has become dangerous to their psyche and development, as noted by the government of the People’s Republic of China, whose biggest concern now is the decline in fertility. The new regulations of the Ministry of Education mainly concern the first years of primary school. Teachers of six and seven years old are not allowed to take written tests. All other primary school classes may be subject to one test per semester. Weekends are to be free from additional paid tutoring. In junior high schools, the student is to spend up to one and a half hours a day on homework, and teachers in grades 1-3 are not allowed to give homework.

“No brain, especially a teenager’s brain, likes routine, doesn’t like coercion”

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Would a similar solution work in Poland? – In my opinion, each school is different and each one works in a different social environment and each one should develop certain rules for the organization of this homework. But also not to be afraid of this topic. You have to talk about him – said Wioletta Krzyżanowska, director of Primary School No. 323 in Warsaw. Five years ago, in this primary school in Warsaw, homework for children was abandoned, which was displeased by some parents and students. Today, after the restoration of eight years of primary school, homework is there, but students do not get grades for them.

In other schools, they also try to approach the subject creatively. – We have been trying for 5 years and we are not doing homework. If children really want to do so, schoolgirls or pupils, the teacher will individualize the teaching process and possibly give something extra – said Anna Listewnik, director of Primary School No. 57 in Gdańsk.

According to the Citizens for Education report, in the case of homework, quantity does not translate into quality, and the most effective are tasks that stimulate independent work and are discussed with the student. – Research from the educational research institute clearly shows that teachers underestimate the time students spend on homework assignments. They think that it is 15 minutes, and students often spend an hour, an hour and a half on it – explained Agata Łuczyńska from the Szkoła z Klasą Foundation.

Agnieszka Jankowiak-Maik, known as the “Grandmother of Hista” laureate of the Medal of Freedom of Speech, in her work encountered cases of “burnout” already at the high school stage. For some students, the pressure to improve their grades causes stress, which makes the situation even worse. – No brain, especially a teenager’s brain, does not like routine, does not like coercion, does not like stress. So in order for new connections to arise between these neurons, we need a friendly atmosphere, we need genuine curiosity about what we do, excitement, what we do, and also fun, she added.

So that the student had a chance to get infected with the passion and not only had to, but also wanted to learn

Author:Maria Mikołajewska

Main photo source: TVN24

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