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China. Panda wanted to take a selfie. Everything was recorded by a camera trap [Wideo]

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China’s Wanglang National Wildlife Sanctuary has released two recordings of pandas in the lead roles. On one of them, the animal realized that it was dealing with a camera trap. He looked at the camera as if he wanted to take a selfie.

Camera traps deployed around China’s Wanglang National Wildlife Refuge have captured adorable moments in the life of giant pandas.

The materials were recorded in February and January. In the first video, a fluffy and fat panda can be seen heading straight to the hole where the melted snow has accumulated and bending over it, drinking water. In the second video, from January, the animal initially looks for something in the snow, but as soon as it sees the infrared camera, it approaches it as if it wants to take a selfie.

Panda looking at the cameraENEX

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Panda sipping water from melted snowENEX

Panda conservation in China

The Wanglang Reserve is located in the Min Shan Mountains of Sichuan Province. This region is home to the largest population of wild giant pandas in China. The reserve is one of the largest and most important of the 67 wildlife parks. Individual centers have one goal in common – the protection of species of animals such as giant pandas.

Main photo source: ENEX

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