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China – Russia. Naval maneuvers in the Sea of ​​Japan, in response to the US alliance

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China and Russia begin naval maneuvers in the Sea of ​​Japan. Five Chinese warships set out on Saturday to meet the Russian fleet. The joint exercise “Northern/Interaction-2023” is aimed at “protecting the security of strategic sea routes,” the defense ministry said in Beijing.

Experts cited by the Chinese portal of the South China Morning Post say that the exercises are a response to the tightening by USA cooperation with Japan and South Korea, in order to prepare for a possible conflict on Taiwan.

China and Russia begin naval maneuvers

Zhou Chenming, a researcher at Beijing-based Yuan Wang think tank, noted that the US is seeking to isolate Russia and China, working not only with Japan and South Korea, but also with other allies and partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

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– Tense relations between the US and China and Russia are bringing Beijing and Moscow closer together, Chenming said.

Military commentator Song Zhongping added that the sea corridors and straits where the maneuvers will take place may be key areas for the United States to block China and Russia’s access to the Western Pacific. Frequent Sino-Russian exercises “are therefore very important to prepare to overcome possible blockades” – he assessed.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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