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China – Russia. Record-breaking trade in 2022

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Trade between China and Russia in 2022 reached a record level of 1.28 trillion yuan, or the equivalent of $190 billion, Beijing officials said on Friday.

Exporting Chinese goods to Russia and imports from Russia accounted for 3 percent. China’s entire trade in 2022, said Lyu Daliang, spokesman for the General Administration of Customs.

Exports of Chinese goods to Russia rose for six months in a row.

Russian gas and oil flow to China

Russia more than doubled its gas exports to China in 2022, as part of Moscow’s efforts to diversify its energy sales directions, Reuters reported, citing data from industry sources.

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According to the Russian concern Gazprom China’s natural gas imports via the Power of Siberia pipeline increased by at least 50% in 2018. in 2022. Deliveries of Russian crude oil to the Middle Kingdom in the first 11 months of 2022 increased by 10 percent. year on year and amounted to almost 80 million tons.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in Uzbekistan [wrzesieĊ„ 2022]SERGEI BOBYLEV/SPUTNIK/EPA/PAP

Deceleration in December

Reuters noted that trade between China and Russia slowed sharply in December.

Exports increased by 8.3 percent. compared to the same period last year. For comparison, in November the increase reached 17.9 percent. the agency calculated. In turn, imports of goods from Russia in the past month increased by 8.3 percent, while in November it was 28.5 percent.

The reason for the slowdown was said to be a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections after the abrupt end of strict “zero-COVID” restrictions, which affected domestic demand.

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