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China. Six people were convicted of kidnapping, trafficking and torturing a woman called Little Flower

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A Chinese woman who was kidnapped a quarter of a century ago and then sold, imprisoned and tortured several times has finally been brought to justice. Her tormentors went to court and were sentenced on Friday. The woman gave birth to eight children to the last of her captors, reports CNN, which described her shocking story.

On Friday, a court in Jiangsu province sentenced six people accused of involvement in the kidnapping, trafficking, imprisonment and torture of a woman who had fallen victim to human trafficking several times. The convicts received sentences ranging from eight to 13 years of imprisonment.

The victim, referred to in court records as “Small flower” was first kidnapped in early 1998 from her home province of Yunnan in southwestern China and sold to a farmer in Jiangsu province, located on the east coast of the country. The man paid $1,180 for it, CNN reports.

In mid-1998 “Little Flower” disappeared again. According to court records cited by Chinese media, the woman was sold to human traffickers in central China’s Henan province, this time for $700. Later that year, criminals took the woman back to Jiangsu and sold her to a man named Dong Zhimin and his father, again for $1,180, CNN reported.

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The video that shocked China

From 1999 to 2017, the woman was “basically independent and able to communicate with others,” according to court documents. At one point, however, Dong chained her to a wall in a room without sunlight, electricity, and running water. The woman who bore him eight children between 1999 and 2020 was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Some time ago, a recording appeared on Chinese social media, showing “Little Flower” chained to the wall. CNN does not say who wrote it or who posted it on the Internet.

The video caused shock and indignation of Internet users, and the case became famous throughout the country. Local authorities initially denied that the woman had fallen victim to human traffickers. However, the central government set up a special investigative team to investigate, and in 2022, criminal charges were brought against the suspects. The last of her kidnappers and the father of her children was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday.

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