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China – Taiwan. Beijing “will fight to the end to prevent Taiwan from proclaiming independence – Chinese Defense Minister

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Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe announced that his country would “fight at all costs and to the end to prevent Taiwan from proclaiming independence.” In the Dialog Shangri-La security forum in Singapore, he also referred to the war in Ukraine, saying that China does not support the conflict, but does not believe that sanctions can resolve it.

– We will fight at any cost and to the end to prevent Taiwan from proclaiming independence. This is the only option for us, said the Minister of Defense China Wei Fenghe at the Singapore Dialog Shangri-La security forum.

– Those who support independence Taiwan in order to partition China they will certainly not achieve this goal, Wei said, adding that “no one should ever underestimate the determination and ability of the Chinese armed forces to maintain territorial integrity.”

Tensions on the China-US line

The AFP notes that the head of the Chinese Ministry of Defense spoke at a time of growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan, considered by Beijing to be its rebellious province, and increasing military provocations against the island.

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The day before, speaking in the same forum, the secretary of defense USA Lloyd Austin denounced China’s “provocative and destabilizing” military activity off the coast of Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe described US-Chinese relations as “at a critical stage” and said it was up to Washington to improve them.

“We demand that the US side stop slandering and deterring China, stop interfering in its internal affairs,” Wei said. He accused Washington of trying to mobilize the Asia-Pacific countries against Beijing and acting in favor of its own interests “under the guise of multilateralism.”

Exercises of Chinese soldiersCFOTO / Future Publishing via Getty Images

Wei on the war in Ukraine

Talking about Russian aggression against Ukraine Wei said Beijing did not support the conflict, but did not believe sanctions would help resolve it. – Conflict or war – this is the last thing China would like to see Ukraine. However, we do not think that exerting maximum pressure and sanctions could solve the problem, he emphasized.

The Chinese minister said Beijing never gave Russia no material assistance in connection with the Ukrainian crisis and is in favor of dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. Beijing also hopes – as Wei said – for talks between the US and FOR THIS with Russia in order to cease fire in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei FenghePAP / EPA / HOW HWEE YOUNG

Main photo source: CFOTO / Future Publishing via Getty Images

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