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China – Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry: Both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to Beijing

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Both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to China. It is right and right for China to maintain its sovereignty, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Friday in Shanghai.

“Recently there has been absurd accusatory rhetoric China for upsetting the status quo, disrupting peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Qin said. “The logic is absurd and the conclusions are dangerous,” said a Chinese diplomat quoted by Reuters.

China’s increasingly powerful military is raising concerns among its neighbors and the USkremlin.ru

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– This is not mainland China, but pro-independence separatist forces on Taiwan and a handful of countries are trying to disrupt the status quo,” Qin Gang said. “Those who play with fire in Taiwan will eventually get burned,” he added.

China is trying to take control of Taiwan

The communist authorities in Beijing recognize the democratically governed Taiwan as part of the territory of the PRC and seek to take control over it, not excluding the possibility of using force. Most Taiwanese, however, are not interested in coming under Beijing’s rule, and the Taiwanese government promises to defend democracy and freedom.


Chinese army practiced in the last few days in the vicinity of Taiwan in retaliation for the recent meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress USA Kevin McCarthy in California. The US does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but it is its largest supplier of arms, and US law obliges it to help it in self-defense.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldierPAP/EPA/STR

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/STR

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