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China – Taiwan. The Taiwanese army is planning maneuvers, China reacts to the words of the head of EU diplomacy

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Taiwanese military exercises will begin in mid-May. “Of course, our maneuvers are based on the threat of an invasion by the communists in Taiwan and their recent military exercises around the island,” said General Lin Wen-huang. Beijing commented on the recent words of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who said that European states should patrol the Taiwan Strait, announcing that it would be “ready for any attempt to harm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.”

Communist authorities China they recognize democratically governed Taiwan for part of their territory and seek to take control of it, not excluding the possibility of using force. Most Taiwanese are not interested in coming under Beijing’s rule, and the Taiwanese government promises to defend freedom and democracy.

China’s growing military activity in the region raises concerns that an armed conflict over Taiwan may emerge in the coming years. According to experts, it would have catastrophic consequences for the global economy and would endanger the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, distracting attention USA from this region.

Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell assessed on Sunday in a commentary published in the French weekly “Le Journal du Dimanche” that the navy European Union countries should patrol the Taiwan Strait.

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The Chinese government office for Taiwan affairs reacted to these words on Wednesday. “The Chinese authorities will remain vigilant and ready for any attempt to harm the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” it said.

Taiwan and China – comparisonPAP

Taiwanese military maneuvers

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese military announced that it would begin the Han Kuang military maneuvers in May. They will be divided into two parts: simulation exercises on May 15-19 and field maneuvers on July 24-28, in which the troops will exercise with the use of live ammunition, the defense ministry in Taipei said.

Exercises this year will focus on practicing breaking the blockade of the island and maintaining combat capability, given the recent maneuvers by China’s military, Taiwan’s defense ministry announced on Wednesday.

The military will practice, among other things, the use of civilian airports, the dispersal of air assets and the concealment of forces on land. Sea, air and land forces will jointly practice attacks on enemy landing ships, protection of sea routes and countering blockades.

“Of course, our maneuvers are based on the threat of an invasion by the communists in Taiwan and their recent military exercises around Taiwan,” Taiwanese military official General Lin Wen-huang told a news conference.

The Chinese simulated an attack in the “waters of the Western Pacific”

The PRC Navy released a video last week on the occasion of its 74th anniversary, which shows the aircraft carrier Shandong and new amphibious assault ships during a simulated attack somewhere in “West Pacific waters”, suggesting preparations for action against Taiwan.

Taiwan is trying to bolster its defense capabilities by investing in new weapons such as long-range missiles and drones, and extending its mandatory military service to one year. Taiwan’s military is generally well-trained and has high-end weapons, mostly American, but China has a huge numerical advantage and is also modernizing its own armed forces, Reuters reports.

Only the Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from China

Main photo source: Taiwan Military News Agency/Instagram

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