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China. Tension around Taiwan is growing. Xi Jinping stands firm on US actions

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About Xi Jinping's talks about alleged incitements to conflict China – USA reports the Financial Times, citing anonymous sources. As emphasized, to those mentioned talks took place in April 2023.

During the meeting between the Chinese leader and… Ursula von der Leyen the politician was to say that action United Statesand we are talking about the transfer of weapons to Taiwanto a provocation and encouragement for the Chinese army to launch an invasion of the island.

At the same time, Xi Jinping was to say that his country You can't get caught in a trap because the conflict with the USA will destroy the achievements so far and block many initiatives, including: the “great rejuvenation” to take place in 2049.

Conflict over Taiwan. Experts on China's plans for the United States

He commented on China's international policy and politicians' views on a possible conflict with the United States expert from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington Jud Blanchett.

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– If Xi really believes that the United States they actively seek conflict with China over Taiwanthen concerns that Xi has created an information vacuum or is otherwise receiving bad advice from subordinates are disturbingly true, he emphasized.

– Regardless of the explanation, it is clear that the decision-making environment and incoming information is distorted by Xi Jinping's deputies, or by his own autocratic behavior, he added.

According to Bonnie Glaser from the German Marshall Fund, the behavior of Chinese diplomats is a test pulling the European Union away from the United States regarding the conflict over Taiwan.

Representatives of the Chinese embassy in Washington were asked to comment on the position allegedly expressed by Xi Jinping. However, the diplomats did not respond to journalists' requests. At the same time, Ursula von der Leyen's spokeswoman stated that will not disclose details of private meetings.

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Zandberg in “Rymanowski's Breakfast” about the conflict in the coalition: This vote was quite clear/Polsat News/Polsat News

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