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China. The dying man wrote his last words. The surprised family managed to decipher them

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It’s hard for me to imagine how helpless and sad he must have felt – said the emotional daughter after learning the last words of her dying father. The man on his deathbed scribbled down a few words for his family with great difficulty, but the text was too indistinct to read. Social media users came to the rescue.

The story of a man dying of cancer in one of the hospitals in Shanghai on Monday was reported by the Hong Kong “South China Morning Post”. His wife was with him. Shortly before his death, the man tried to tell her some information, but due to his advanced disease and speech difficulties, the woman could not understand her husband. So she asked him to write her words on a piece of paper. This, however, also proved very difficult – the man was so weak that he was unable to write legibly.

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The dying father’s last words

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As “SCMP” notes, after the man’s death, the fact that his last words remained incomprehensible to the family added to the sadness. In this situation, his daughter asked for help in deciphering a note written on his deathbed. As she admitted in a post published on April 4 on the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, she herself was so busy with formal matters related to paying for her father’s medical expenses that she was not with him when he died. In the post, she posted a photo of the man’s last, seemingly illegible, words.

To the surprise of the deceased’s daughter and wife, one of the Internet users managed to decipher the indistinct words on the card the next day. They turned out to be, “Don’t be sad. I want you to be strong.”

The man’s family did not hide their surprise at his last words. As the daughter quoted by “SCMP” admitted, her father was brought up in a very traditional way, unable to express emotions all his life, not very communicative and stubborn. “If he really conveyed it, I can’t imagine how helpless and sad he must have felt,” she said.

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